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  • Full face helmet as hand luggage?
  • m0rk

    It’s a hat isn’t it if they query it?


    Yep, I always carry mine on as hand luggage, along with my main hand luggage, which is a cycling backpack.

    I just carry it by chin guard.

    Carpe diem

    I took a Skiing lid with me last winter – Fitted nicely upside down in the bottom of my day sack ( hand luggage )

    I’ve carried one on as hand luggage in the past with no issues.


    Can remember some friends who flew with them saying that a full face lid can be taken as extra carry on, as something to do with if it gets damaged in the hold there’s liability for the air company. This may be urban myth. But I can remember people coming back from morzine at Geneva airport with a rucksack, and their full face helmets.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I put mine in with the bike, under the down tube, in a helmet bag.

    I’s say just to be on the safew side – clip it to your bag and make sure it’s under the max dimensions for carry on luggage. You don’t have to leave them like that if the locker is full, but make sure it’s 1 piece when you check in and when you board


    Was wondering how everyone who takes a full face abroad carries it
    Usually take my normal trail lid and put it into hold bag between my undies and socks etc, but taking a full face for the first time and thinking of carrying it on the plane with me.
    Anyone had any problems doing this? Bit of an odd shape, not sure you could slip it in a rucksack.


    Yes you can but only if the battery is fully charged 😉

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Never had an issue but a mate got pulled up in Hobart recently, just a jobsworth security guard really. I’ve done 10+ airports with mine with no issue

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