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  • Full face for warm ears commuting in winter?
  • Riding in to work on Monday, it was kind of chilly, so I made one of those mental notes to find my skull cap. But then I remembered is just been bought a shiny new full face lid for my birthday. Which would be lovely and warm for the winter commute. But here’s the problem: would I look like an utter bell end on a flat bar 700c with mudguards wearing a bright yellow full facer? With goggles! Think I know the answer…

    To be fair, riding a flat bar bike on the road makes you look like a bellend anyway, so crack on.


    A deaf one of all above


    Think I know the answer…

    Me too.

    You need a face hat. SAS balaclava style!


    If only there was some sort of woolly garment available to cover the top of your head and ears….. Gap in the market there me thinks. im going to design one!

    one buff for ya head, another round ya neck to pulled uover ya nose.All the insulation you could want even in deepest darkest winter!


    Are the flat bars so narrow you can hardly get both hands on them ?

    If so, the helmet won’t make any difference.


    I have ear muffs for my Casco E.Motion helmet – it is very similar to one of their ski helmets as well – but without the google strap clip for one thing.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I used one last year, was ace, nice and cozy, especially with googles!

    Naa, you just need a Croaky like the one Sean was wearing in 1990 something. (Plus a Buff if it’s proper chilly.)

    Lord Stones cafe 1990’s by jimmyg352, on Flickr

    I’ve still got mine.

    Pretty much what I expected then… Gotta admit they make sense though. Huge peak to keep the rain off your face, few vents to keep the rain off your head, bit more protection when Captain smidsy has dark and rain to contend with… Perhaps it’s like bum bags or bib shorts – makes sense, but I ain’t wearing them!


    Reduced field of vision, reduced hearing, yes it makes perfect sense.


    @glasgowdan, hadn’t considered the visibility thing when riding through the woods, but trees don’t pull out and run into you. Though that would explain some of my crashes… So I’ve just tried the lid on, and without goggles, it’s pretty much the same as an open face. Apart from the chin strap obscuring the bars. With Oakley MX googles on, I reckon I lose about 2 degrees each side. Noise didn’t seem too different, perhaps a bit less directional, maybe offset by less wind noise from my immense speed 😉


    full face whenever it is cold enough to wear one. who cares what anyone else thinks? surely having a warm head and keeping your teeth when some bellend runs you down is more important

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