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  • Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels (road) – freehub replacement
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    Can anybody help?

    My rear wheel – Fulcrum Racing 3 (think 2013) failed the other week. When I took the freehub off the bearings and race fell out. I believe it is the bearings that hold the freehub in place. Looking at their parts catalogue it is not easy to work if what is contained within the freehub.

    Does anybody know if I buy a replacement freehub whether it has a set of bearings holding it in place on the axle (this is the only thing that makes any sense – but seeing as I have already bought the wrong thing maybe somebody could just point out any flaws in my analysis). I presume the freehub just slides onto the shims that are on the axle.


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    Hi Dave, yes if you buy the new freehub there are bearings within which hold the hub onto the axle.

    Check YouTube for fitting instructions.

    Make sure you buy the correct freehub for shimano or campag cassette.

    Also check the axle diameter as they come in 12mm and 17mm. I expect yours is 17mm.

    I bought one recently from thecycleclinic Also gb cycles had some in stock.

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    Great, thanks!

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