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    Hi all, fancy a couple of laps round FTD on a week night and I likely wonít arrive until 7pm, finish 9pm ish. Is Birchley Valley still unlocked at that time, and if not where else is ok to park?

    Itís likely to me on my own and I wonít stray far from FTD if that makes any difference to the answer.

    Thanks in advance.


    Advertising the fact that youre going to be leaving a vehicle in basicly a forest with no lights is like leaving the door open on a sweet shop, especially late at night, best to ask for private replys, as the local scum may trawl the forums looking for easy vehicles to damage or steal.

    Marquis Drive is a good spot normally loads of other doggers sorry bikers parked up as well. 😉


    I know a chap who got caught out leaving his car in BV car park (locked in)

    Luckily his wheel nut spanner was the same size as the gate bolts 😉


    MD is a bit dark & can get a lot of boyracers about at night….
    Better off sticking it on one of the pub carparks,might wanna clear it with the owner first & pop in for a swift half at the end too…… 🙂

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    Birches Valley is usually locked when it gets dark.
    A few park at The Horns pub just around the corner in Slitting Mill.
    I’ve parked in the entry opposite Birches Valley before now.
    You could park up near the other visitors centre at Marquet Drive but its a bit quiet (car safe?), & pick up the FtD at its mid point.
    If your on your own I’d say park at The Horns.

    We park at the White House as there is usually some lorries over-nighting there, hopefully meaning the cars might be safer. That way we can ride the FtD or some (better) trails over Sherbrook Valley way. You could tag along with us if you fancy it, we’re not fast though & we ride for about 90mins max usually. (Just a mid-week tootle for us but if you fancy something different to FtD give us a shout).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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