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  • stumpyjag

    What does everyone think of the FSA K Force Light 386 10 speed cranksets on offer on Chainreaction.

    They sound like a bargain and appear to be lighter than XTR and at that price cheaper.

    Whats the opinion??



    Where will you be getting your replacement rings from when you need them?

    That’s my only thought on the subject.


    I was considering getting a pair but some of the reports ive read about the fsa’s looking very untidy after a very short length of time means I would sway xtr. There is also the point of only being able to use fsa bb’s, which to me would be another major downside. I’m gonna go xtr.


    The K-force Light 386 is a great chainset that I have been using for a several months now, strong and light and still as new. Most of the downsiding is done by people with no real experience of them, they won’t fall apart if a twig hits them, rings are available though not as easily, they can be used with other bottom brackets. One of my sets (I have two) is used on a Giant Anthem BB92 Shimano press fit and works fine. The other bike uses the ceramic bottom bracket that comes with it and both work fine with no problems. You can see why FSA state that it should only be used with the correct bottom bracket because it sells for £150+ and is money in their pockets. Don’t believe everything you read on forums its mostly hearsay.

    Some FSA cranks work with 24mm BBs. Others will, sort of, just, if you hammer the drive side into the bearing.. It’s not a pretty solution!


    I’m on the verge of buying a Dirty Harry frame from On One. Would this crankset and bb be ok for this frame? Thanks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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