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  • FS: Yeti ASR SL 2005 frame, medium, carbon chainstays, rp3.
  • julianwilson

    Lots of close up pictures in this here flickr set.

    I got all giddy and bought this on ebay last weekend for £330 plus post, as I have and love an asr already but wanted a longer one. Turns out the small one I thought I had is already a medium 😳 and now I have two. This one is up for sale therefore, it is in better nick than the one I already have, but also not turquoise enough. 😀

    I’d like £300 posted (remember I just paid £350 posted last week and am taking a £50 hit for my stupidity!)) -I have also replaced the rear/lower shock bushing and regreased the main bearings and roller bearings on the swing link so on paper it is in better condition than whan I bought it. I have a box and plenty of padding etc ready, and can post it as soon as. You can also pick it up in Plymouth for £280, or meet me at the Bontrager 24/12 in a couple of weeks to have a look at it.

    -Slightly metallic/pearlescent black, medium size: this means 19″ seat tube and 23.4″ effective top tube, and also the same 28″ standover as my wife’s 16″ inbred in case you are worried about the seat tube length.
    -73mm english threaded BB, ‘normal’ 1 1/8″ headtube which is 4.5″ long. Takes a 27.2mm seatpost, 31.8mm seatclamp (basic silver one included) and front mech. (you will need a high band, I will throw in a 2005-era sram one if you need one).
    -Carbon chainstays and flex pivots on the laquered alloy seatstays.
    -normal qr 135mm dropouts, is disc mount.

    -Rather good condition for a 2005 frame, the photos are as brutally honest as I could get them. Nevertheless, I will list every last thing I can find on it now so you don’t have any suprises:
    -Absolutely no gouges, cracks or dents. Slight cable rub in usual places including a couple of mm off the corner of the swing link/dog bone which you get from setting up the gear cable ‘cris- crossed’ as the manual tells you to. 👿
    -The top and down tubes are also a bit less shiny than the rest of the bike as you would expect for the age.
    -Carbon-to-alloy bonds ar all sound, and the lacquer has crackled away a little on the chainstays as you will see in the photos: alloy is dull in these bits.
    -Bearings all fine: I have regreased the roller bearings in the swing link (you should do this a few times a year or get ready to change them frequently!) and I have just replaced the lower/rear bushing so the whole thing is nice and tight.
    -One of the front shock bolts is juuuust starting to round off, looks like a ball-end has been used or not inserted properly (see picture or drive side of shock) but I have no trouble removing and replacing the shock using a nice quality allen key put in properly.
    -Paint flaked off a bit under the seatclamp.
    -BB threads, disc mount and headtube faces are all clean and sound, and the mech hanger is straight and has good threads.
    There is the tiniest nick in the shock shaft, so small I couldn’t even get a 12 mp camera on macro to show it up. Shock holds air fine and bushings are great (rear one is new).
    -Shiny metal chainstay protector attached: You can see the carbon weave through the ‘yeti’ cutout wihich is nice, but you also get a yeti neoprene chainstay protector. There is some helitape shaped and fitted over what would be the chainsuck area (if there was any!), I have left this on as its pretty well fitted for the curves of the chainstay/yoke area.

    Email in profile, I am well known on the chat and bike forums and not managed to stiff anyone on many pervious sales of forks and frames on here over the years; buy with confidence!


    Where are you for a look at it mate?


    Plymouth, in sunny Devonshire.


    tomwod, yhm back 😀


    Sold! 😀

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