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  • JonEdwards

    Having a bit of a wheel clearout – none of these have been used in at least 18 months.

    Pair of Mavic Crossmax XLs
    Front QR or 20mm, rear QR. For 6 bolt rotors, proper UST rims.
    Both are within a mm or 2 of straight and true. No dinks. Bearings on the front are fine, bearings on the rear are getting grumbly. Freehub wobbles a bit (as is the way of FTS-L freehubs), but hadn’t started making that horrible grindy noise they make when they’re about to die. Driveside rear spokes have the usual paint chipping from chain slap – nowt that 15 minutes with a black Sharpy won’t hide. I’d say the front is 7.5/10, the rear 6/10. A bit of TLC and they’ll be a proper nice set of trail wheels

    £100 collected from SW Sheffield or £120 posted.

    Pair of HopePro II (F), Bulb (R)/Mavic 721
    These were my DH wheels for a while. QR or 20mm front. QR, 135×10 or 135x 12 rear. For 6 bolt rotors. 32 DT comp spokes, laced 3x. Velox rim tape. Ti freehub body.
    The hubs are in great nick – the rear I think is about the best hub Hope have ever made – more points of engagement than a proII, and almost as adaptable. The axles don’t snap either.
    Rims. Hmm. They’re battered. Surprisingly straight (spoke tension is pretty even). The front is maybe within 3mm of true, the rear within 6mm, but there’s a LOT of dinks. Every year I came to look at them before going to the Alps or Canada, I thought “I really must rebuild them”. Every year, I couldn’t be arsed, and they didn’t fail me, they just picked up a couple more dinks. There’s a pic of the biggest dink.
    Hubs I’d say are 9/10, rims 4/10. Be a decent Alps proof wheelset to save your nice light day-to day wheels getting trashed.

    £80 collected from SW Sheffield or £100 posted.

    Pace carbon front hub/Macic 517 rim. Retro appeal?
    As it says. Hub is in good nick, rim is straight and true, maybe 50% worn. (1 careful lady owner). 32 spoke/3x. No rim tape. RIM BRAKE ONLY – not disc compatible!

    £35 collected from SW Sheffield, or £50 posted.

    jonATfisherproductionsDOTcoDOTuk or 07767421251


    Interested in the Hope Wheels. Can you give me an email address or contact me on pstarkiss@aol.com

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