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  • FS – Weight Weenie 16" 26er Single Speed Scandal + Lefty build (maybe split)
  • feisty

    Right I have built 2 29ers up so my 26er Scandal is sitting unloved and I need to free up some space, I don’t want to get rid of her but my tolerant Mrs is getting less so with 3 bikes and 3 Unicycles so need to make a bit of an effort to thin things out.

    The 16″ On One Scandal is the pre (irritating) swappable drops so are horizontal but have a mech hanger and cable stops for geared use. I built it rigid at first and got to 16.7 lbs then added a Left Speed carbon fork, more durable tyres and less flexy cranks and she she was 18.7 lbs, I am 5’9″ and the 350mm post still had 1.5-2″ of adjustment left

    She is currently sans cranks and pedals but other wise complete, if anyone wants her we can do a deal with the price as is or if you say what cranks you want I will but and fit them for the cost of the parts etc.

    She has been unused bar abut 10 rides over the last 2 years and kept inside in my bedroom and has virtually no marks anywhere and the tyres even have all the little moulding nubs on them still!

    The lefty holds air and oil and has never lost any of wither. Like most second hand forks it would probably be best to get them serviced, I do grease them and they work fine lock out etc but I am sure would benefit from a full service. They are fitted with a Project 321 adapter.

    Wheels are straight but again being second hand have a little runout.

    I have genuinely no clue what she is worth, I am not expecting millions but she is cosmetically almost as new condition and mechanically the same (bar a fork service). If someone wanted wheels and the fork then it maybe worth my while to split but would like to sell as is possible.

    Let me know if you are interest or if anyone wants to chime in on value that would be helpful and appreciated. A greate buy for someone wanting to get into single speed riding.

    Build list when I first but it but tyres (conti race king SS), rear sprocket (isar), cainring(isar), BB (hope) and forks (lefty speed carbon) changed and NO cranks peddles as mentioned above, but gives you an idea of build.

    Part Make Weight
    Skewer Kcnc Quick Release Wheel Skewers – Gold MTB 45
    wheels Hope Pro2 Gold single speed
    wheels Hope Pro2 Gold front
    wheels Sun Ringle EQ21 Welded Rim
    wheels DT Swiss Revolution Stainless DB Spokes
    wheels Nipples Gold aluminium 1606
    frame On-One Scandal – Slotted 16″ 26er 1516
    Chain tug Custom Tensioner – Gold 12
    fork White Brothers Rock Solid Carbon Fork 777
    headset Hope Gold 115
    stem KCNC SC Wing Scandium Stem 84
    Spacers Brand-X Spacer Pack Alloy 5 x 5mm (use 3) black 15
    handle bar RaceFace Next XC SL Carbon Low Riser Bars 2008 159
    F Brake Formula Oro K18 Front 180mm 243
    R Brake Formula Oro K18 rear 160mm 255
    Adapter rear 140 mm Shimano 22
    Rotor Bolts 12 rotor bolts 22
    Caliper Bolts 6 mounting bolts 6.5 39
    Rotor Hope Pro Lightweight Floating Rotor 77
    Rotor Hope Pro Lightweight Floating Rotor 66
    Seat post KCNC Ti Pro Scandium Seat Post 135
    Saddle Selle Italia SLR 149
    Chainset KCNC K-type XC1 (2009) cranks 345
    KCNC Bottom Bracket 203
    KCNC Middle Ring 40
    KCNC Crank Bolts 27
    Chainring Bolts KCNC Alloy Chainring Bolts – Short – Single Ring – Gold x4 6
    Peddles Crank Brothers Egg Beater Titanium 233
    Chain SRAM pc890 8 speed chain 96 links 250
    Lock Ring Token Gold Shimano 12t 7
    sprocket 18t Gusset 1ER Sprocket 53
    grips Kona Racelight Grips 21
    Seat clamp KCNC SC11 MTB Seat Clamp 31.8mm ld 12
    tyres Schwalbe Rocket Ron 26 Triple nano 810
    Rim Tape Maxxis Fly Weight 14
    Rim Tape Maxxis Fly Weight 16
    tubes Maxxis Fly Weight Tube 93
    tubes Maxxis Fly Weight Tube 91

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    What travel is the lefty please and would you split?


    it is a 110 speed carbon, I may split depending on interest, you after the fork on it’s own or do you want the 321 adaptor , wheels etc?


    Hi . interested in the frame , headset , wheels , seat clamp and chain tugs if you decide to split . can the front wheel be used with conventional forks or is it Lefty specific ?

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    Fork. And adaptor please…..depending on steerer length


    I’d be interested in the brakes if you are splitting..
    Email in profile


    Hi All

    looks like it is going to be a split up of my baby 🙁


    £350 + Postage okay I am allowing for a service (like I say they work fine but want to be fair will measure the stearer but it is the normal spaced lefty so will fit most frames and there are a few spacers under the stem


    Front wheel is lefty specific but I can probably throw in a hope gold hub for a nominal fee (what I used to run) but you would need to get the wheel rebuilt obviously.

    Don’t you want a nice gold Hope BB 😉 do you want tyres as they are as new?

    wheels £200
    Frame + clamp + headset + tugs £150
    separate gold hope hub £20 (if you want it)

    + postage


    Do you want the rotors as well? the rear is a 140mm that doesn’t fit all frames

    brake set £50, new rear pads would be needed as the rear 140 rotor was only about 70 % into the caliper due to fit issues so has worn accordingly.

    Rotors £35 for the pair

    + postage

    paypal with you covering the fees or bank transfer, will get postage quotes for interested people if you give me your post code.

    If anyone else wants any of the other parts, top light seat, stem, seat post, bars going


    Sella Italia SLR saddle £35
    KCNC Ti Pro Scandium Seat Post £50
    Hope Gold BB £40
    KCNC SC Wing Scandium Stem 80mm 25.4mm clamp £35
    RaceFace Next XC SL Carbon Low Riser Bars 25.4mm £45
    Conti Race King Supersonic black chilli 2.2 (larger volume than that) pair still with moulding knobs on £35
    Home Brew components 32t gold chaining and KCNC single ring bolts £20
    Home Brew components 18t gold ali carrier ti ring sprocket £20
    KCNC ti skewers gold pair £20

    Might have more bits to go up as I know who has already take some stuff further in the thread



    can you e-mail me pjh2763(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

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    sorry feisty lefty too rich for me…good luck with the sale


    What were you thinking?

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