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  • F.S. Specialized Myka HT Expert 15" + Orange P7 frame + Giant SCR 1.5 Road Bike
  • Right, time to do this advert properly
    1st is the wifes Specialized Myka HT Expertin 15" brought in April and ridden a grand total of 5 times. Specs are here http://www.specialized.com/gb/en/bc/SBCBkModel.jsp?arc=2009&sid=09MykaHT and it's in as good as new condition with only one small mark on the top tube from transporting it home. The stem was changed to a longer 100mm one at purchase but apart from that it's the same as above. Please note for some reason specialized have it listed with BB5 brakes on that page but it actually comes with hydraulic discs as stated on the specification. As it is so new would like £500 but i do have some flexibility.

    2nd is my Giant SCR 1.5 Road bike, size large and specs are here http://www2.giant-bicycles.com/en-GB/bikes/road/1399/29639/?collections_id=3. It's in v.g.c due to the fact i hardly rode it over the 7 months or so that i owned it. Once again can do pics and would like £450 ono.

    3rd is the reason the Road bike never got used. It's my Orange P7 frame that i'm selling. Frame is a 2007 model and size is 19". There are no dents or damage to it but the paint work does reflect the fact that it has been my most used bike for 3 years. I was going to get it resprayed a loverly candy orange but unfortunatly the forks on it are playing up and after thinking i figure it's probably a good idea to buy something that'll happily run rigid as i ride SS anyways. I think £200 for the frame is a good price but if you don't then just let me know.

    As an aside and thinking about it i can offer the frame, black hope aheadset (old style) and forks along with a raceface dues xc seatpost, SDG Bel Air Ti saddle, hope bolt on seat clamp (Gunsmoke) and a Hope ss Bottom Bracket (Gunsmoke) as a package for £350. Right though, the forks are Fox Vanillas that came on the bike the problem is the dreaded stantion wear – now it's got pretty drastic on the left leg and oil is comming up through the seals on that leg. the wear is probably 1/2 way round the leg now. Last time this happend i changed the seals and the forks where fine for another 4 months and as they are coil/ oil with no pressure in that side i havn't worried to much about it. The lowers are in good nick with a few scratches is all and the damping side is fine. also have the original spring that came in them and an extra hard one as well. All the other gear is in good working order but with cosmetic marks from being used, the seatclamp is scratched the worse probably.

    I've now uploaded some pics to


    if you want any more information or more detailed pics then my e-mail is in my profile. And if youve read all that well done!

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    Are those 2.4 Noby Nic's?
    I've been wondering if I can run 2.4's on my P7 for a while….

    Just seen this, no they are 2.25's not sure if 2.4's would go to be honest, you would have to move the wheel right back in the dropouts.

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