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  • Premier Icon Jerome

    Something needs to go and as I now work 5 mins bike ride from work, the supper commuter I built is not really needed. I ride to work on my grandads old raleigh…

    Singular Peregrine 56cm with C&C coupling in seat stay on the drive stay to allow a belt. This frame is the later iteration of this model, with curvy chainstays that gives great clearance for larger chainrings. The chainstays are super stiff, and the chainline with the chainring in the middle position is nigh on perfect, EBB works really well – all of which make this a great belt drive frame.
    The C&C couplings are serious works of art, and are a credit to Ben @kinetics who fitted them.

    Large singular peregrine frame ( 56cm top tube ) with C&C coupling, and Avid FMJ cables fitted – photos show it set for me at 6′
    Rear wheel -Black alfine 8 on A719 – built for me by my local shop and low miles
    Front wheel – XT on 719 disc – great condition
    Carbon bontrager chainset – this came off an old bike, and the spider is not perfectly straight.
    Versa 8 speed shifters – show marks, but working perfectly
    Thomson lay back post and 130mm stem
    On one midge bars
    Flite ti saddle – happy to keep this
    m422 platform pedals – again happy to keep
    Belt kit – gates non centretrak 115t*24

    Other bits included
    Gates tensioning kit
    Spare belt and rear cog ( 118t and 25t ( I think ) ) to run a SS set up on this frame. Belt is unused, cog is barely used and fits a standard freehub.
    Spanner for the C&C coupling.

    Options at extra price.
    Intention was to fit some guards to this and skinny 25mm ish tyres.
    I have the guards unused and can include these for an additional cost as required.

    The current setup sees the belt a little tight with EBB back as far as it will go.
    Works fine, but the gates tensionser suggests it is on the high side of optimal. The cranks may also not be the best choice as the spider is not exactly straight. They look so cool though.
    If I was keeping this I would probably end up swapping to Centretrak belt as there are more options on chainrings and cogs.

    I would like £800 posted for the complete bike which I have calculated without allowing anything for the belt kit, given my comments on getting the centretrak above.

    Any questions please let me know.


    Ohhhhh, that’s the cat among the pigeons for me…

    I’ll need to sell my other frame and cx bike first, but interested.


    Oh my, what a lovely bike.

    Premier Icon ibnchris

    if you’d consider splitting I’m interested in the alfine wheel and shifter

    Premier Icon Jerome

    Thanks for interest so far. I would happily keep both wheels myself, and will consider part ex with a nice , poss titanium, cyclocross frame. Cheers Jerome

    Premier Icon Jerome

    Small typo – make that S and S coupling 🙂
    I am willing to listen to offers on this one, as need the space.
    £500 gets the frame/forks/headset and all the belt kit.
    Which comprises two pretty much unused belts,two cogs,one chainwheel,and the gates tension checking device.

    Premier Icon ibnchris

    but you’re keeping the wheels? Or are they for sale?

    Premier Icon Jerome

    Frame needs to sell first really, then will let you know on the wheels. In the meantime feel free to make me an offer on any bits you fancy. Thanks j.

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