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  • FS: Shoes, Bivi Bag, Wheels, Tyres, chainrings, bike bag + more
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    I’ll have the Sunn DH Wheels for £30 posted please.




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    ygm r.e. chainrings.


    Cheers, replied to all emails.


    Shimano M077 SPD Shoes, Size 45, excellent condition, £30 posted – low-end SPD shoe. I got these off ebay but they don’t fit too well. I think they’ve only been used on a turbo trainer, never outdoors – cleats have been fitted in a couple of positions so the sole is marked, but otherwise they’re pretty much immaculate.

    Terra Nova Jupiter Bivi Bag, £50 posted, very good condition
    Gore Tex hooped bivi bag in green. A few years old now, but used less than ten times. I usually don’t take the pole so as to save weight, in which case it’s just like any other zipped bivi bag. With the pole there’s head room and there’s a mesh inner door to keep midges out. No leaks + water still beads off it (that’s from a quick shower test though). No stuff sack as I’ve lost it somewhere.

    Sunn Ditch Witch DH Wheels £30 posted, very good condition
    26″ wheels, pretty wide, pretty hefty! 20mm front, 12mm (135mm) at the rear. Black. These came on a bike I bought in 2009 and have only had about 10 rides. There are a couple of scuffs and scratches but nothing major. They’ve not been ridden for 3/4 years, but the bearings feel good and the freehub seems spot on. (Only tested by hand – I don’t have a bike they fit! Equally, I can’t check they’re perfectly straight for the same reason, but the spokes are all rioughly the same tension.)

    Maxxis Minion Front, 2.35, Super Tacky, single ply, wire bead £15 posted, very good condition
    Been used a few times, but loads of life left. Run tubeless with Stan’s, so there’s some gunk residue inside.

    Maxxis High Roller, 2.35 60a double ply, £15 posted
    Good condition, loads of life left. Has definitely been used though – maybe half worn? Again, run tubeless, so there’s some residue inside.

    Maxxis High Roller 2.36, super tacky, single ply, wire bead, £10 posted
    Good condition, again – maybe half worn? Has been run tubeless, so gunk inside + patches where I’ve repaired holes. It has a small hole in it somewhere, so won’t go up tubeless, but will run fine with a tube.

    Front Wheel, Mavic 217 rim, Shimano XT hub (six bolt, QR) Black £15 posted
    Pretty battered. Run for ages and covered in scuffs, but no dings and it’s straight. The hub feels smooth but is fairly worn – I’ve got another hub in similar condition that I’ll chuck in with it though – but they’re shimano cup and cones so you can keep them going forever. As said, heavily used, but CHEAP – they’d still be on my bike if I had a QR fork.

    Middleburn 44 tooth outer chainring, 4-bolt (shimano size) £8 posted
    I think it’s just a standard ring, NOT hardcoat or anything. It’s been used, but is in good condition.

    Middleburn 32 tooth middle ring, 4-bolt (shimano size), £7 posted

    As above, slightly more wear though and pretty scuffed on the inside. Loads of life though.

    Both rings together, £12 posted.

    Planet-X bike bag. £20 collected.
    Blue, massive, says ‘Planet X’ on the side. Wheel pockets + a coupld of other pouches inside. Pretty scuffed and battered but now only gets used for storing tyres… Not really up for posting this due to the size, but happy to find out how much it would be if you want.

    EDIT: Nearly forgot:
    Shimano Cleats + Pedals
    One set of brand new cleats (£7 posted), one set of cleats in excellent condition (£5 posted).
    One set of seriously battered Shimano pedals (being shimano, they still run smoothly though and work fine, albeit with a little bit of play at the axle). £5 posted. The whole lot, £12 posted.

    Oh – and just in case anyone’s interested:
    Petzl Adjama Climbing Harness, size M, brand new and never used (still got the tags on), £40 posted (£35 collected)

    I bought this harness mail order based on the size of a previous harness. Turns out Petzl have changed the fit of the harness. Who knew. Anyway, it doesn’t fit quite as I’d like and the shop won’t take it back as it’s safety equipment (seems fair enough).

    Pictures etc – tom.fenton@ntlworld.com
    Happy to knock a bit off for postage if you’re around Sheffield/Peak and can collect.

    Premier Icon drain

    HI, ygm re the bivi bag, ta.

    Premier Icon stevemorg2

    pics of the Terra nova please


    You still got the shoes mate ?


    Sorry dazzz, the shoes are already in the post to someone.

    The big chainring and the Sunn wheels are gone too.


    Cheers anyway mate 🙂

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