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  • FS: Shifters, mechs, cranks, chainrings, chaindevices, bashrings, Pro 2 hub bits
  • Premier Icon Northwind

    Clearout chapter one… All prices include postage, open to collection, discount for multiple items, no swaps required as I have a garage full of bike bits!

    Drivetrain bits first:

    XT 9-speed, medium cage mech in lovely nick. I had this briefly on a cyclocross bike to use with an mtb cassette, so it’s had very little use and no rock-bashing.

    £25 posted

    RHS X0 9-speed gripshift. Some use, but perfect working order, I just don’t like gripshift!

    £25 posted

    X7 9-speed RHS shifter, very nice condition

    £10 posted

    SLX 10 speed left hand shifter, barely used

    £10 posted

    Deore 12-36 9-speed cassette. This is the one you can turn into an 11-36 just by swapping the 12T (as long as you get the right 11T). This has covered perhaps 20 miles.

    £12.50 posted. Of which £11.50 will probably go on postage as it weighs as much as a car 😉

    Cyclocross cranks! Or, road cranks with low gearing. Truvativ Elita 10 speed double cranks, 172.5, GXP, carrying 48 and 34 tooth rings in very good condition. They’re 885g inc BB so bang inbetween 105 and Ultegra, and nicer looking 😉


    Very little chainring wear, these have done maybe 500 miles tops with only a couple of offroad rides, mostly dry road miles


    These seem to be about £75 new so looking for £40 posted- bargain I think, they punch above their price.

    Chainrings! All used but in good order. All 104BCD so will fit non-weird cranks

    Renthal 34T, light wear

    £20 posted

    E13 Guide Ring 32T, black, slightly more wear:

    £15 posted

    E13 Guide Ring, 32T, red, light wear

    £15 posted

    Bashrings! Why do I have so many bashrings? Also all 104BCD.

    E13 36T Turbocharger:

    This is quite well used, has some scrapes and is missing one sticker (saving teh gramz- you can’t really see it for the crank arm). Strong and light, a mere 88g. £38 new, looking for £20 posted.

    FSA Gravity poly bash- 36T, with bolts

    Unused, but has been fitted- came on a set of cranks I bought. Nice frosted finish. 127g £10 posted

    Blackspire C4 bash- 36T

    Lightly used. NB I have the Dewlie chainguide to match this for sale, see down the page. 122g, £10 posted

    Gamut P40 bash- 40T

    Not heavily marked but sort of… faded, scruffy looking. £32 new, £10 posted. 118g- so light for its large size.

    Chain devices

    MRP 1X (32T – 36T) bottom bracket mount

    Some marks but great working condition, lovely lightweight device. 61g all in. £20 posted

    Blackspire Dewlie

    Dual guide for BB fitting, like a Stinger on steroids. Matches the C4 bashring up the page. £15 posted, in really nice condition (didn’t fit my bike!).

    Gamut P30, ISCG-old (up to 36 tooth)

    Lightweight top-and-bottom guide- fits ISCG-old so all your Oranges etc. For single ring and bashring, I used it on a 224 Evo, perfect, would suit big trailbike too. 134g! Fairly well used, marks in plastic but in perfect working order. £46 new, £20 posted.

    Gamut P30 Dual- ISCG-old, 22-36T

    Designed to work with a bashring- basically a very posh blackspire stinger, much lighter, just 88g. Recommended fitment for Orange Five and was sold as an optional extra. Has been fitted to bikes and rolled about the garage but never ridden- dirty marks but otherwise new. £20 posted

    E13 SRS, for 36T (not sure of full range). ISCG-old

    Older design SRS, cheap and cheerful, £15 posted- ideal if you want a guide for occasional use, holidays or uplifts. 230g

    Pro 2 bits- freehub, axles/endcaps.

    Pro 2 (not Evo) freehub in good condition, good bearings, some minor cassette marks. Ideal if you’ve mangled yours, or even just for a no-hassle bearing swap. £15 posted (I upgraded the hubs to Evos as I had some bits lying about)

    Pro 2 axle kits: 2x 135x12mm maxle, 1x 135×10 bolt-in.

    £10 each posted.

    Pro 2 quick release caps for front wheel- I think these fit Evos too but you might want to check. £7.50

    Why didn’t the Blackspire Dewlie fit your bike?

    I’d want to put it on a 14″ Inbred (as you know 😉 )



    i will take the free hub mate , is the 10 mm bolt in axel 135mm

    toby mc

    Like the chainset, is the BB the same age? Condition? Cheers.


    ygm about the mech

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Couple of broken pic links- they look OK on my home PC so hopefully you can click through to them! Just responding to emails, everyone who’s asked a question should have a response now…

    The deore cassette, X7 shifter, and Hope freehub are sold pending payment!

    Re the Dewlie, I got it for my Hemlock and the chainstay is quite sticky-outy at the front under the BB so the bottom of the “boomerang” fouled the frame (Stingers don’t fit either without a big ole cut in them). But it ought to be fine on an Inbred

    BB on the cranks is the same age and is in good condition


    hi, i will take the 10×135 bolt in pro 2 axle and the slx shifter. any chance you do both for £18 posted as combined? would also take the x7 shifter if that sale falls through. cheers

    toby mc

    Ok, how would you like paying for the chainset?

    Have emailed you about the FSA and Blackspire bashguards.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Right just untangling payments and emails and that, there will be an embarassing silence for a short while!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    OK so quick update, sold are:

    X7 shifter
    Deore cassette
    Truvativ cranks
    SLX shifter
    FSA and Blackspire bashrings
    Hope pro2 freehub (should have asked for more for that one!)
    Pro 2 bolt-in 10mm axle

    The XT mech has dibs on just now but might come available again

    I’ve had payment for all of these- if you’ve sent payment for anything else, I’ve missed it, let me know! If you’ve asked about any of these but not paid, sorry they’re gone

    I’ll take the Blackspire Dewlie.

    I can’t do paypal (easily). Happy for bank transfer, if you are.

    Can you email me the details?

    makecoldplayhistory AT gmail . com

    Premier Icon Northwind

    …and that’s everything in the post.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Oh, a wee extra for the Gamut top-and-bottom guide, I found the other backplate for it which takes it out to 40 tooth. Could include that for free with the guide. And just as a wee clarification, that particular guide is designed to run with a bashring.


    The XT mech arrived today. Superb condition. Thanks for a great deal, Northwind.

    Premier Icon Northwind


    Just deleted all the pics of things that are sold, still some stuff left- will be listing more next week.

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