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  • FS Saracen Ariel, 19" (large)
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    Sorry, long-winded description coming up!

    Saracen Ariel 19” (that’s a large), in white. Very good nick.
    I bought the bike second hand on ebay about two months ago, stripped it down and built it up with different components. It’s fantastic, and probably the fastest ‘trail’ bike I’ve ever ridden downhill. Then I looked at my credit card bill, had a small heart attack and realised I had to sell it.

    Photos here


    The frame’s about 20 rides old. There are no dings or dents, only a little scuffing here and there which I’ve tried to show in the photos.

    Fox Alps 140mm forks (straight steerer, QR). 10/15 rides old. Basically a Fox Float RL with a steel steerer, so a bit heavier. No marks to the stanchions.

    FSA Gravity Light bars, 710mm wide + Saracen stem (50mm, I think) –
    10/15 rides old.

    1 x 9 speed drivetrain, all Shimano Deore. Cassette, mech, 39-tooth chainring plus shifter are all 10/15 rides old. The chain and bottom bracket are NEW.

    The chain device and cranks are older. The chain device has had a file taken to it by a previous owner to stop rubbing, but it’s absolutely fine. The cranks are Deore and have a little scuffing, but not much.
    This all came fitted when I bought the bike, so I don’t know how old they are, but I’d say ‘not too old’.

    Maxxis Ardent tyres, 2.25, Kevlar bead. About 5 rides old. I ran these tubeless and put a small nick in a tyre that the sealant couldn’t fix. It’s so small that I can’t find it to fix it, and it’s basically irrelevant if you’re running tubes anyway. Just thought I’d mention it.

    Shimano Deore brakes (M486 I think). 10/15 rides old and surprisingly good!

    Sun Equalizer 27 rims with deore hubs. 10/15 rides old

    The bad stuff:

    There’s some play in the suspension. 99% certain it’s coming from the shock’s lower eyelet bushing, but I can’t find my tool to replace it. I’ve got a spare bushing which I’ll include with the frame. It’s a two-minute job.

    I slipped with an allen key when removing the main pivot bolt to play around with cable routing and rounded the edges of the allen key hole slightly. This doesn’t affect the actual function of the bike in any way whatsoever, it just means you have to be a little more careful than I was when un-doing and doing up the bolt (which you can still do with no trouble).

    Oh, and the grips are a bit worn.

    I can’t think of anything else. It’s a fantastic bike and I’ll be sorry to see it go.

    £700 collected in Sheffield. You’re welcome to come and have a sit on it. Or make me an offer.

    I’m not really up for posting this, but can find out how much it will cost if you want.



    Is this still for sale?

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