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  • robarnold

    Don't want to p1ss on your chips mate but fitting anyone up to 5ft 10in is very wishful thinking indeed. The small spesh frames are intended up to around 5ft 7in max, with the mediums crossing over to fit those 5ft 7in to 5ft 11in/ 6ft max.

    A potential buyer may want to bear this in mind.

    Nice carpet


    it really depends on what riding style you are
    like a morden xc rider will want a longer frame where you can easier @climb and go quicker
    but a more arggressive rider(ie those who did DJ, FR,DH as well) will want a smaller frame (wif the lay back seatpost, longer stem(longer than50mm i mean)to get more control when fire thru some technical track with drops, tight burms etc

    apart from looking up on the spesh book for wot sizw frame fits, you ll also need to consider the clearance of the top tube when you stand over the bike, ie. people who have short feet will need a smaller frame


    im selling my sworks to get me cash for my car + driving lessons
    its nothing wrong with the frameset just i need the cash

    its a small stumpy fsr frameset black/red, in small, will fit anyone up to 5"10
    the frameset includes frame, shock, headset units, xtr front mech (100quid alone)and thompson layback seatpost (75quid alone)

    -5" F&R travel for perfect every thing from xc trail to all mountain
    -theres no play in all bearings
    -forks and shock are in prefect cond.
    -the frame have life time warranty
    -come with all paper work and the s-works frame box
    -this frame scored 10/10 @ mtbr magazine august 08

    looking for £1530(posted) as its retail is £2499.00

    email me at icedmind@hotmail.com for more details
    let me know


    I work at a Specialized dealership and am a qualified British Cycling 'MBL' leader and coach.

    The above is pish and my original point is valid.

    I see you've had plenty of interest in your frameset so I must be wrong

    Happy riding 😆


    yh i do work a Spesh dealership as well
    i see where you coming from but thing is i see lots of people who come back for service, they do trial riding and bigger stuff on this verson of stumpy and a larger frame doesnt do the right job for them
    thats why i will say its up to 5"10 (and also because my mate who work with me together who is 5"10 ride my bike and feels perfect on him)

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