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    A few sets of part worn tyres for sale…

    Pair of Panaracer Razer 2.1/2.3 folding – very light, no sidewall damage, part worn
    £15 posted

    Razer by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    Pair of WTB nanorapter folding 2.1/2.0 – very underrated tyre – part worn, one new logo one old
    £17 posted

    Wtb nanoraptor by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    Pair conti cross country 1.5 – 1 folding, 1 steel perfect for Mountain Mayhem mud of old, CX races on an mtb etc.
    £15 posted

    Conti 1.5 by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    3 Conti grand prix 26″ 1″ slicks (one with most tread has slight sidewall damage + used tube inc.
    £15 posted

    Grand prix by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    Pair of brand new Conti CX race (wire)
    £22 posted

    Cx by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    Bank transfer, PPG or buyer pays charges please

    Thanks (email in profile)


    If you’ll do the pair of conti cross country tyres for £12 I’ll take them.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Contl 1.5xcs SOLD

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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