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  • FS – px team alu large only £20!
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    Can’t believe this hasn’t gone already. I have one and it’s got a very similar dent (fell against a door frame…) which it’s had for a year or so now & is fine – it gets a lot of use too.

    This is a bargain for someone!

    Will someone please take this, I really don’t need* another frame!

    *well actualy I do, but there’s one in the shed with a stuck seatpost which would do the job just as well if I can get it out.

    Im interested but I don’t live near you and reluctant to pay another £20 postage…I will see what I can do


    No worries mate, just let us know. Postage price was a guess, given that parcel force charged me 7 quid odd to post some bars. Be if it’s less than 20 quid, i’d happily refund the difference. For what I’m selling it for, I’m not really fused to go get costs etc. I don’t have any mates that fit this frame, otherwise i’dl be just giving it to them. Could be the ‘bay or the tip at this rate.


    is this sold?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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