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    I’m trying to thin out the tents we have as we tend to family camp now.

    I have a Vango Gamma 300 3 man tunnel in blue. Fits a double air mattress snugly but the porch is huge. More of a comfy 2 man but will fit 3. £30 plus post (probably £6 or £7)

    And a Vango Micro 2, 2 man single hoop in green. It’s nice & airy with 2 porches. It’s elderly at around 15 years old but is still great. Sleeps 2 comfortably. 2 issues: tiny hole in the groundsheet (I repaired it with a square of tape either side & it’s fine). One pole section has a split which doesn’t seem to be a problem in use, and I sleeve it anyway, but could be replaced (for about £10). £25 plus post.

    We’ve only used these in the garden over the last few years so they’ve seen only light use and both are in great condition (other than the niggles mentioned).

    No pics, but can quickly pitch & take some if there’s any interest.

    Email in profile.

    Premier Icon Conespanner

    What size is the micro 2 when in its packed state?


    Where you based veedubba? Interested in gamma 300, any details of year so I can get some more details online?

    Premier Icon veedubba

    Let me dig them out in the morning.

    I’m in South Cumbria btw

    Premier Icon veedubba

    Here’s a that probably hasn’t worked.

    Micro (it’s a 3 actually… definitely a 2 man though!) is in green & is ~ 60 X 20 packed. weight is a shade under 3.6kg.

    Gamma (it’s a 250…) is in blue t is ~ 55 × 20. weight is ~ 4.9kg. Not sure of the year but at a guess it’ll be around 2004.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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