FS OT: Salomon Mynx 2009/10 – Womens Ski Boots Size 24-24.5 (287mm)

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  • FS OT: Salomon Mynx 2009/10 – Womens Ski Boots Size 24-24.5 (287mm)
  • lank45

    Tried to sell these last year, but no interest but as we’ve just moved house and these are still here I thought I’d give the STW skiing contingency another bite of the cherry before fleebay.

    Selling these on behalf of my girlfriend, she bought these new for 370 Euros in March 2010 and has worn these for one weeks skiing. They are in excellent condition and would mould to a new set of feet as they haven’t been heat moulded to her feet. The boots are in Calderdale if you wish to try them for size. They are around a size 5 UK. £90 ono posted.

    The Salomon blurb:
    Salomon Mynx Ski Boots – Women’s 2009: You little snow mynx you. The Salomon Mynx Ski Boots are for the ladies who enjoy playing in the snow, going big, going hard, and living to tell the tale. (Which really won’t be a tale, because it will actually happen!) This isn’t just another pretty boot.(Well it is, but that’s not ALL it is?) The Salomon Mynx Ski Boots have four micro titanium buckles, a cushioned heel system, and an adjustable spoiler. Comfort and performance meet in this shout out to the ladies for this 09 season. Get yourself the Salomon Mynx Ski Boots and start turning heads.

    Advanced Shell Technology provides the lightest, most precise and tolerant shell. Paired with a comfortable liner, customizable in the shin area with a shock absorbing footbed, this boot is versatile for slopes as well as park and pipe.

    Key Features of the Salomon Mynx Women’s Ski Boots:

    •Thermoformable foam on tongue for customized comfort
    •Shock absorbing custom sole to avoid heel pain in hard landings
    •Strap for consistent closure thus precision
    •Bi-Material PU shell
    •Bi-Material PU cuff
    •Sensifit 2D
    •Heel and toe removable din pads
    •My CF Comfort liner
    •Loop on tongue
    •Heel cushioning system
    •Adnaved shell technology
    •4 micro titanium buckles
    •New 3D buckle
    •1st tooth catch
    •Single canting adjustment
    •Adjustable spoiler
    •Women’s-specific cuff, liner, and spoiler

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