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  • FS Nicolai Helius AM large with custom short ST, still under warranty
  • geetee1972

    OK so the time has come to sell this frame on as my new one is arriving next week. I’ve loved this frame so much the only thing I can replace it with is another one, this time fully tailored.

    The sale includes the installed CK Steel Set (needed for the warranty on the head tube), the BOS Vipr and a spare rear mech hanger. It does not include the seat clamp or seat pin shown in the pictures. I will also throw in an e13 hybrid chain guide. This is the backplate of an LG1+ with the top guide but not the lower guide. It would be perfect for running 1×10 or 9, which is what I’ve always run with this bike.

    The frame cost £1750 for the basic model, then another £180 for the paint job, £90 for the custom seat tube, £25 for the hanger and the Bos shock was £450.

    So the total new cost is £2495 new and I am asking £1050 and I will post the frame for this as well.

    The frame was delivered in January 2009. Nicolai’s all come with a transferable five year warranty, so this one will be guaranteed for over two years. It was bought from Head for the Hills in Dorking, and both Dan and Roger there have said they will happily vouch for the frame, its guarantee and its service history. It has been serviced by them three times and everything is smooth and in perfect condition.

    It is a size large in terms of length but the seat tube has been cut down so it is actually around 16″ in length. I am just under six foot tall (by less than an inch) and have an inside leg of around 32″. I have no problem running my saddle at the correct height. I have run a Reverb on there and there is still around 35mm of post in the frame before the limit. I will also sell the post for £75 to anyone buying the frame that wants it.

    The head tube is 1 1/8th”, the seat tube is 30.9mm, there are ISCG03 (i.e. not ISCG05) guide tabs that can also accept a Hammerschmidt and there is guide tab welded under the top tube in between the top swing links, for a dropper post cable.

    Now here’s the slightly complicated, but very positive bit.

    I’ve actually been running this frame in a slightly modified form. The modification is via a Nicolai supplied front shock shuttle which lowers the bike and slackens both the head and the seat angle. Crucially it’s not permanent. It takes about 10 minutes to return it to its stock setting and it doesn’t void the warranty as it was Nicolai who supplied it to me.

    The angles in stock form then (and obviously I still have the original shuttle and it will be fitted for shipping) are as follows:

    – 67.5 head
    – 73.5 seat
    – +17mm BB height (equates to 13.8″)
    – 605mm horizontal top tube
    – 1150 wheel base

    With the modification the angles slacken to the following (with a 160mm/545mm A2C fork)

    – 66 head angle
    – 71 seat angle
    – +10mm BB (13.5″)

    Travel is adjustable via the rear linkage plate. It doesn’t change the static geometry.

    Top hole – 168mm
    Second top – 155mm
    Third top – 142mm
    Bottom – 130mm

    You cannot use the lowered/slacker set up with the top hole, but it works just fine elsewhere.

    In stock form the bike needs a 160mm fork (545mm) – I have tried a 150mm Revelation on it, but the front is just too low and has a tendency to tuck on steep turns. However, the shorter fork works really well when running it in the lowered setting, at which point everything settles back to normal – HA is then 67, seat angle is 73 and BB is a bottom scraping 13.2″! In this set up, the bike blows an Orange 5 clean away in terms of carving ability.

    Condition of the paint is mint apart from a small flake at the top of the seat tube. The rear is black anodized and has the expected scars on the drive size. To be honest the paint has faired far better than the ano!

    This is a very fine bike and it performs brilliantly, happily chasing down DH bikes being ridden by capable riders.

    The frame weighs 3.188kg not including the shock. The Vipr weights 260g. The lightest I’ve got it to is 29lbs, with a 160mm fork and the Reverb. If you built it without a dropper post and put a 32mm fork on it, you’d get it down to well under 28ls.

    You can mail me (addess is in my profile) or call/text on 07966 585 892. Greg

    All other pictures are here


    Did Nicolai cut down the frame?

    In terested as I like modded, slacker frames and those measurements but are nicolai aware/said they would honour the frame with the cut down seat tube?


    It came from NICOLAI with the short ST – hence CUSTOM.


    Yep all mods done by Nicolai so all warranty intact.


    As an aside, I had a helius FR that was a bit long in the ST and after enquiries with Nicolai they said that rather than me sending it to them for a frame mod, they recommended I took it to someone like Argos cycles for the ST cutting down, & they would still honour the warranty. I thought that was pretty good of them. Alternatively, they only wanted €15 to do it themselves.


    Interesting story Mildred.

    Open to offers on this frame.


    Price dropped to £750 posted. Seen the Ti ano one which tells me I was being optimistic on the asking price of this one.

    Hi geetee. Just dropped you a text. Let me know if it’s still available. Thanks al


    Provisionally sold to Ali pending payment.

    Premier Icon honliang

    Mailed you, Greg.


    still avaiable?????????


    Goodness know it went five months ago. Sorry mate. Shouldn’t be too hard to find a cheaper one probably new. The distributor has one in eBay at the moment.

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