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    Time for a bit of a clearout of stuff I’m not using.

    Coventry Eagle Elite with nice cs tubing which is a world apart from 531 plain guage cheapo frames.

    The frame is scruffy. I made it more scruffy after buying it to make it look more shed like so I could leave it unlocked outside the shop without worrying about it gtting nicked. Bits of overspray and old tape etc.
    However, there are no dents or dings anywhere. A shotblast and paint would sort it out. The only mod I did was to remove the cable guides on the top tube.
    Plenty scabby bits of surface rust but nothing serious. I waxed over the top of most of the rust to stop it spreading without covering it.

    Included is a rear wheel, just needs spokes! (290mm)
    I robbed them for another build last week.

    The hub is XT disc with a bolt on 18 tooth sprocket. Like this velosolo so other sizes are easy to get hold of.

    Rim is an open pro, no wear as I never had a rear brake. Perfectly straight and true when I unbuilt it. No flat spots or dings anywhere.

    The hub is spaced so it builds into a dishless wheel with perfect chainline.

    Also included:

    Original headset and stem.
    Easton monkey lite carbon cut down to 510mm. In good condition. Taken off my mtb when I went OS.
    Titec Ti seatpost. Not seized.
    BB and cranks. Stronglight with 46T ring. BB recently stripped and greased, running nice and smooth.
    Front brake with lovely sparkly metalflake style cable outer.
    Stainless Inox chain

    Fully built as it is this weighed 19lbs.

    57 cm from BB centre to top of Seat tube. 57 C-C TT

    Looking for £210 + post.

    I also have the front wheel available seperately. Same open pro rim with negligible wear. I did less than 250 miles on this bike after building it up about 3 years ago hence the sale.
    Spokes are DT comp DB.
    The hub is a lovely old Hope Titanium which is the smoothest turny thing on any bike I have ever had. With perfect purple ano.
    Skany old schwalbe tyre will be left on as an added bonus
    £60 + post

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