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    Another piccie

    It’s very green, isn’t it!
    Brand, spanking new, shiny, green, 41cm (that’s 16″ for those of us who like miles, feet, inches, pints and the like) Kinesis XC 130 frame.

    I won’t try and make up lots of spiel about it or get all technical, as the clever people at Kinesis can do it better, but I will say that it looks ACE. Not just the colour (which is ace), but there’s lots of “oh that’s a good idea” little touches all over the place – tube profiles that create natural gussets and the like. There’s a lot of thought gone into it, but it still looks like a nice, clean-lined classic hardtail.

    Set up for 130mm forks, it seems to get good reviews as a “light but tough” frame if you’re looking to “cover fast mileage together with technical thrills but without the steroid bolstered bulk.” (No, I don’t really know what that means either. Seems pretty positive though, right?!).

    Cheapest I’ve found it for online so far is 1st gear cycles’ £300 plus postage deal…not that they have any in stock, but that’s not the point.
    I’ll sell this one (semi-begrudgingly, as it does look cool and I bet, if I had the time, it’d build into a great bike) for £220. Including postage (in a proper box, with padding, not wrapped in a bin bag and stuffed in a post box!).
    Paypal/bank transfer/cheque (non-bouncing variety) all fine. Email’s dgpowell [at] uclan.ac.uk. Taa!

    P.S. It’s green.


    Jst wundering if the frame is still for sale as I have not had a reply from you? Let me know and we can talk prices. Have emailed you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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