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  • FS, Last Herb DH frame and shock, excellent condition, medium
  • Premier Icon Northwind

    Need to make another attempt to sell this now that spring’s approaching! I replaced this with a 224 Evo partly for sizing and partly just because it’s a racier, more focused frame than I knew what to do with- it’s measurably faster at everything than the 224 but I struggled to get the best from it, so I traded down to the Orange which is less good but feels happier being ridden slow 😉

    This is a 2011-model medium in excellent condition- couple of minor marks but still very tidy. All frame bearings etc in good condition. Includes the DHX4.0 shock, sprung for a 10 stone-ish rider, and the built-in chain device. The only change from the standard spec is that I’ve upgraded some of the shock hardware to TF Tuned Heavy Duty as the originals wore quickly.

    It’s a pretty compact medium- I’m 5’10 and I think I was absolutely as big as you could be on it- it’d suit a smaller rider better. For comparison it’s a little shorter than a 15.5 inch 224 Evo- so you could consider it a long small, or a compact medium, depending on your taste. It takes a 12×135 rear and 68/73mm crank- so standard spec parts rather than being restricted to dh-only parts. (usually works out a fair bit cheaper, my 73mm Saints were about 2/3ds the price of 83mms, and lighter to boot)

    I’ve removed some of the helicopter tape as it was worn and looked untidy but you can see how well protected it is, obviously the rest will come off if you want (the yellowing on the right hand chainstay is all just helicopter tape, not paint- I had an innertube wrapped around it which has slightly stained the clear tape)

    Built up pics are for info only, you get only the stuff mentioned above. But, I do still have the Formula The One FR brakes from the full build pics if you want.

    Full geometry details can be found on the Last archive here:


    This exact model made the Dirt 100.


    Any questions, just a holler. Looking for £600, or £700 with the Formula brakes.

    (old 32mm Boxxers making her look leggy!)


    is ur frame still for sale?
    thx a lot

    Premier Icon Northwind

    It is actually (also got a set of white Boxxer R2C2s to sell now as well which would match it perfectly)

    Premier Icon Neb

    Hi Northwind,

    Do you still have the R2C2 Boxxers for sale?

    What year are they? Any Photos? How much would you want for them?


    Premier Icon Northwind

    I do, yep- if you can drop me an email, I’ve got pics etc but not uploaded yet. They were originally worldcups but are coil-converted and have R2C2 lowers on as well, and a Jtech spring bearing wossname in the topcap too, which might or might not be a good thing but buggered if I can tell any difference 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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