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    I’m selling my Large Titus El Guapo, I’m after £900 complete, collected in or nearish Bristol (could travel to meet up). At the moment I’d rather not post, it’s a hassle for all concerned and I know if I was buying a bike used I’d want to look first.

    More pics here

    I got it new in January 2012, but haven’t ridden it much due to a broken hand last summer and mostly being on the XC bike – it needs to go to make way for a 29er! The frame’s one of the last V1s from just after Planet-x bought titus. So that’s the same as a V2 but with 1.5″ headtube and has the headtube cable guides. The current V3s are 10mm longer top-tube and a degree slacker (though of course a slackset could fit this with the big headtube). Also to add to this, the shock says “RT” on the sticker, but it has the 3 position blue lever (full open, some damping, heavy damping) like the later RT3 – I think it only got called that for 2012.

    I’ll also consider splitting, again at the moment ideally collected/meet up. I’ll not sell little bits though, major components need to go first (or a lot of the little bits). Price wise, something like £600 for Frame/Forks/Headset, or £450 for the frame (comes with spare hanger).

    Headline parts are air totems @160mm (could adjust to preference), hope hubs on mavic/sun, X9/X7, carbon fsa cranks, speshy dropper post. Could be a bit negotiable on price/spec (have bits I could swap out, if you want a triple etc.) The frame’s under a year old, other bits are a mixture of ages (some younger/older). Everything’s in good working order, but some parts are tatty cosmetically, nothing’s going to need replaced soon.

    Happy to answer quesitons on spec, age, condition, sizing etc etc. The pics if you click through show most parts quite well I think though.


    still for sale? pm me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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