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  • FS: L Alpkit Filo mens down jacket
  • Large Urban Grey Alpkit Filo Mens complete with hood.

    Bought a large in error. Like an idiot, I managed to get a small mark on the cuff the one time I wore it (see pics), so I can’t return it to Alpkit. Too large for me, I bought a medium.

    Voted best value down jacket in Trail mag, these sell out straight away every time they get stock in. I’m really only looking for my money back, £80 posted, no offers.


    Alpkit Size L
    UK Chest size (inches) 40-42
    Actual Garment Measurements
    Across Chest (cm) 62
    Across Hem (cm) 62
    Arm Length (cm) 83
    Zipper Length (cm) 73
    Back Length (cm) 92
    Fill weight (gr) 335


    Its Spring and you want full price for a used jacket?

    with a blemish… 😉

    Ywan, even spring at 29,000 ft is pretty chilly.

    I did briefly consider asking for more than £80, as they’re sold out and about half the price of any comparable jacket, but that’d be dishonest.


    The grey is sold out but there are loads of unblemished Red one’s for £80 delivered free.

    I’m afraid like most people on here, paying the same price for a marked 2nd hand jacket as a brand new unmarked one just doesn’t make much sense.

    Appreciate you’re trying to re-coup as much of you original outlay as possible but if you were looking to buy it what would you be prepared to spend??


    At 26,000 feet I’d wear a bloody bright colour. Whilst buying a latte I’d wear something ‘cool and subtle’.

    Pity I bought a bright yellow mountain equipment jacket for wearing down the high street 😆

    Heh, I should have known better than to bite. Don’t let me stop you buying a red one.

    hora, you and I both, but I resolved myself to the fact it’d probably spend very little of its life in the high andes.


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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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