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  • wheelz

    I've got two sets of brakes to sell.

    Avid Juicy Carbon
    These are in excellent condition, with plenty of life left on the pads. no noticeable marks on the carbon levers or main caliper bodies. Fitted with Goodridge Carbon Braided hoses.

    Rear Hose Length: 132cm
    Front Hose Length: 82cm

    Will also chuck in a 114cm length of the same Goodridge carbon braided hose just in case you need a longer front hose for long travel forks – you can reuse Goodridge fittings, so you wont' need to buy anything else to change the hose.

    Comes with a choice of Avid G2 rotors (c/w rotor bolts – torx head):


    160mm rear (with IS to Post adaptor)
    185mm rear (with IS to Post adaptor)

    and either:

    203mm front (with post to post adaptor)
    185mm front (with post to post adaptor)
    160mm front (no adaptor – caliper is post mount)

    Just let me know which discs and adaptors you would prefer. I would also be prepared to do a deal on all of these.

    Looking for £100 ONO posted

    Formula Oro K18
    These brakes are in immaculate condition, with plenty of life left in the pads. Come with a Formula 185mm front disc (and post mount adaptor) and a Formula 160mm rear disc (with IS adaptor). I will also supply rotor bolts – torx head – for the rotors.

    Front Hose Length: 84cm
    Rear Hose Length: 130cm

    I will also chuck in the following items:
    3 x sets of SSC pads – brand new
    Formula bleed kit which comprises two syringes fitted with the correct bleed attachments for the brakes

    These brakes are immaculate, So I'm looking for £110 ONO posted.

    Hi Wheelz. Re the Juicy Ultimate's.
    Would you be prepared to sell the calipers , pads, hoses and levers/ body's. I have a big rotor set up with adapters already . So I wouldn't need the disks or adapters .
    gonna have a punt here , But £80 posted?


    Sounds like a deal to me, singletrackmind.

    PayPal gift to the email address is my profile would be most appreciated!

    Oh, and don't forget to email me your address, and I'll get them in the post first thing Monday.


    One of my body's is weeping fluid ( Juicy 5 ) so it's either an upgrade kit , or another set of brakes. In true ST fashion , a bling carbon brake upgrade wins.
    Will PP in a mo plus put my work addy in too.

    Cheers Rob


    I'd be interested in the oro's but similar to the STM I've already got big rotors (oh err missus) and a bleed kit. How much for brakes and pads only please?


    ridingscared, I'd do the same deal as STM, £80 for the brakes and the spare pads.


    I'll have a think and get back to you.


    i will take the formula brakes if still available?


    formulas still there???


    Formulas now sold, pending payment


    All now sold.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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