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  • FS: Internal Gearbox DH frame….I kid thee not
  • Premier Icon flange

    Forget Ze Germans with their fancy dan rolhoff gearbox shenanigans, or Pinion with that ‘gearbox in a box’ box stuff. What you need is an internal hub mounted in the middle of your DH frame. Yep, that’s right. And to make sure you don’t forget it’s there they’ve mounted it nice and high so every time you slice the inside of your calf open, you’re reminded that you spent that little bit extra to over complicate what should be a fairly simple system

    What’s better than a chain connecting the bit you pedal to the bit that turns the wheel? Yep, TWO chains. One longer than the longest chain you’ve ever seen with a few extra links added. The second not so long. But who cares, it’s got two chains. Because everyone likes cleaning extra chains…

    The shock is a Fox coil thing of a certain vintage. I’m saying vintage, what I mean is old. And possibly shagged. However, having lost so much blood from the hub-in-frame placement, shock performance was the least of my worries at the time.

    It comes with a bolt through rear end and a special wheel that you need because it’s FIXED. Yep, FIXED! The freewheel is in the internal hub (performing dual duties as leg opener/gear system) so the rear wheel is FIXED. However you don’t have to wear your sisters jeans or knob glasses – they are purely optional. I’d also suggest that once fitted you NEVER remove the rear wheel. There’s three hours of my life I’ll never get back…

    The frame itself is surprisingly in excellent condition. Probably because its so frigging heavy nobody has actually ever bothered to try. I can confirm it does go down hills very well, both with and without me on it. It’s a medium – like that really matters on a DH bike that you’re about to crash/lose 4 pints of blood on, and I’ll supply it with two shifters (gripshift – I KNOW!!! and a trigger), the rear wheel, seat post and saddle and a set of Saint cranks.

    And for all this fun, pain and abject misery? Two hundred smackers. But don’t kid yourself that I’m posting it because I’m not. Well, I might, but it will be a bit more mula.

    Sack the wife and email me on wilkitcher @gmail.com

    Premier Icon geoffj

    So the chain spins when your not pedaling then……
    Kind of like a chainsaw……
    and the faster you go the higher the chainsaw revs…..
    So in a high speed crash there is a real chance of amputating limbs…
    I like this bike – great insentive to stay on
    someone buy it – sounds like a bargain

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I’ll vouch for this as an awesome DH machine, it even compliments ones gentleman plums, depending on the travel setting one uses. In fact if I wasn’t brassic right now, I’d buy it back 😉

    So in a high speed crash there is a real chance of amputating limbs…

    I lost a shoe crashing it once….

    Strange thing is, I’m weirdly tempted.


    Premier Icon flange

    Pimpy Jazz, drop me an email and we can talk (a) turkey

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