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    I have seen another frame I like so have put this up for sale. Bike is still fully built and in use.

    It’s a 2012 Tracer 2 bought April 2012. It started out yellow but a month ago had it powder coated the orange you see now. Had new bearings at the same time.

    It’s a size large with 142×12 dropouts. The rp23 has not been used since a Tf tuned service, I run a ccdb air but I’m keeping that!

    Bad points- during the powder coating they put a bit too much on the rear brake mounts and it’s flaked off just round the bolt holes, it needs facing properly as the brake mount doesn’t sit quite flush. The local bike shop squares off the brake mount to the frame, not facing the brake tabs on the frame. Also, the link has two positions for different travel. 145 and 160mm. The 145mm hole has weak threads. It tightens up but I wouldn’t over tighten and could strip. It has been tapped but I’ve not used it as I just run 160mm.

    It’s a 73mm bb, 1.5 headtube, is05 tabs and 31.6 seat tube.

    I can include a hope headset for a tapered steerer. It’s a zero stack top with external cup bottom. There’s also an Angleset for a tapered steerer with -1 and -1.5 cup (+£50)

    Email: chrisDOTwhite224ATgmailDOTcom


    Premier Icon sandal100

    Not for sale any more

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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