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  • FS – Ibis Mojo SL 2009 (extra large – frame only)
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    Here we have for sale my 2009 Ibis Mojo SL frame in extra large. Its been helicopter taped from new so is in excellent condition as you can see from the photos. It comes with a blue DW linkage and fox float RP23 rear shock.

    Regretfully i’m just not getting the use out of it and with another bike in the garage already i can’t justify keeping it. As you will no doubt be aware the bike rides as good as it gets. I upgraded from a Santa Cruz Nomad and it was 3.5lb lighter with the same finishing kit.

    If you are 6ft + and looking for a lightweight carbon all mountain bike then look no further. You won’t find one cleaner than this.

    £1100 inc insured parcel force postage.

    XL Frame by neil4ster, on Flickr

    Close up showing helicopter taped frame by neil4ster, on Flickr

    Beautifully made by neil4ster, on Flickr

    Fox Float RP23 by neil4ster, on Flickr

    Standard 1 1/8th head tube by neil4ster, on Flickr

    Blue DW linkage by neil4ster, on Flickr

    Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – email in profile.

    For the avoidance of doubt – this is for the frame only.


    Is that a classic mojo front end with an SL rear triangle? Otherwise how did you get a gloss clear SL?

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    It’s helicopter taped ALL OVER.

    It’s an SL ALL OVER.


    Not being funny, but the Mojo SLs say Mojo SL on the top tube. I don’t think they’ve ever come with that finish either. Given you bought that bike on here 4 months ago as a standard Mojo, what makes you think it’s become SL?

    The clear SL came with a rubberised paint to stop it cracking, the standard came with that clearcoat finish.

    To be honest the difference between the two was tiny anyway, most of which coming from the Ti bolts kit, which that one could well have. The rest is from things like carbon headset cups, which is a tiny saviing for a risky gain. Absolutely stunning frames though! I managed to warranty a second hand Mojo frame, well out of it’s 2 year period, Ibis will never leave a Mojo rider without a bike, the best biking company I’ve had the pleasure of talking to.

    – 2x ex-Mojo owner 🙂

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