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  • Premier Icon Simon

    Bought this off here back in July to take with me to the Megavalanche. Unfortunately it didn’t get to me before I went, so I never got to use it in France. Whilst in France I crashed and broke my thumb which needed surgery to plate it when I got home. I’m unlikely to be riding any time soon so the GoPro is up for sale.

    It’s an older standard definition one, runs off 2xAAA batteries and records onto 2gb SD cards.
    Everything in the photo is included, plus 4 brand new AAA rechargeable batteries and another new Sandisk 2GB SD card in the camera. (The memory cards and batteries didn’t come with the GoPro as bought off here BTW).
    Not sure what all the accessories are called but here goes:-
    Vented helmet mount
    Head mount
    2xstick on full face mount plus spare 3M sticky pad
    USB cable
    90 degree connector

    Looking for £115 posted (Special Delivery) Email in profile.

    IMG_8660 by SiBooth, on Flickr

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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