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  • qfruits

    Commencal wheelset, are both F&R Quick release?


    conditions and colour of rims and spokes etc please

    x6 Shimano 160mm Rotor £5 Each

    I’ll take 2 x the straightest of these please.


    Clearing out the garage to help raise some funds for France this year. All prices include postage. Have alot of old stuff from Sponsors etc.. Most parts are in good condition and working order. Please email me if you want a photo or more information on something, thanks.



    Marzocchi Front Quick Release Axle £5
    Specialized Quick Release Rear Axle £4
    x6 Shimano Quick Release Rear Axle £4 Each
    Shimano Quick Release Front Axle £3
    Quick Release Front Axle £3
    Quick Release Rear Axle £4
    Quando Quick Release Front Axle £3
    Bontrager Front Quick Release Axle £4
    Bontrager Rear Quick Release Axle £5
    The Shadow Conspiracy Bash Guard £4
    Truvativ Howitzer Bottom Bracket £25
    Funn Hooka DH Bottom Bracket £5
    Avid Clean Sweep G2 203mm Rotor £20
    2x Avid Clean Sweep G2 185mm Rotor £15 Each
    x2 Avid Code 5 Front Brake £35 Each
    Clarks S2 Front Brake £25
    Avid Speed Dial Rear Lever Assembly £6
    Avid Speed Dial Front Lever Assembly £6
    x2 Hayes MX-4 Caliper £6 Each
    Avid Code 5 Caliper £10
    Avid Code 5 Lever Assembly £15
    Avid Rear Brake Hose £5
    Goodridge Braided Rear Brake Hose £12
    x2 Hayes 203mm Rotor £10 Each
    Formula ORO 203mm Rotor £15
    Hayes HML Front Brake Lever £5
    Hayes HFX9 Carbon Front Brake £45
    Hayes HFX9 Carbon Rear Brake £45
    Clarks 160mm Rotor £5
    Hayes Stroker Ryde Rear Brake £35
    Hayes Stroker Ryde Front Brake £35
    Hayes HFX9 Rear Brake £35
    Hayes HFX9 Front Brake £35
    Hayes V8 203mm Rotor £15
    Hayes 160mm Rotor £5
    Hayes Sole Caliper £6
    Hayes Sole Rear Lever Assembly £6
    x6 Shimano 160mm Rotor £5 Each
    Orange Bikes 165mm Rotor £15
    Orange Bikes 145mm Rotor £10
    Hope Disc M4/E4/DH4 203mm Rotor £15
    Hope Disc M4/E4/DH4 200mm Rotor £15
    Sram PG980 9 Spd Cassette £15
    x2 Sram 9 Spd Cassette £10 Each
    Sram PG970 9 Spd Cassette £35
    x2 Sram PG970 DH 9 Spd Cassette £25 Each
    Gusset Bachelor Single Speed Chain Tensioner £10
    DMR STS Chain Tensioner £10
    Superstar Laser Chain Device £30
    Powerplay Chain Device £15
    Bontrager Triple Chain Ring Set £25
    Shimano Saint 38T Solid Chain Ring £25
    Shadow Conspiracy Crow Lite 30T Sprocket £40
    Shimano SG-X 22T Granny Ring £3
    Talon 42T Chain Ring £5
    x2 Truvativ 22T Granny Ring £3 Each
    Truvativ Howitzer Ruktion Crank Arms £20
    Truvativ Holzfeller Crank Arms £30
    FSA Gamma Drive Mega Exo Crank Arms £30
    Rock Shox Boxxer 32mm Preload Spacers £5
    Rock Shox Boxxer 32mm Top Cap £5
    Rock Shox Boxxer 32mm Motion Control Damper £75
    Rock Shox Boxxer 32mm Maxle £45
    Rock Shox Boxxer 32mm Direct Mount Drop Crown £35
    Rock Shox Boxxer 32mm Lower Crown Steerer Assembly £95
    Rock Shox Boxxer Team 32mm Lowers £150
    Rock Shox Boxxer World Cup 32mm Stanchion £75
    Rock Shox Boxxer World Cup 32mm Stanchion £25
    Rock Shox Boxxer 32mm Footnuts £5
    x2 Commencal Mech Hanger £10 Each
    x2 Commencal Supreme DH Headtube Insert £15 Each
    Santa Cruz Bullit 150mm x 12mm Dropout Kit £40
    BETD Santa Cruz Bullit Bearing Kit £5
    Shimano 34.9mm Front Mech £5
    x2 Shimano Deore LX 34.9mm Front Mech £10
    Transfil Flying Snake Gear Cable Set £15
    Goodridge Carbon Gear Cable Kit £20
    Syncros AM20 Bars £10
    Azonic Oneal Riser Bars £10
    Azonic World Force Riser Bars £15
    Chromag Fubar OS Flat Bars £25
    GT Bar Ends £5
    Funn Bullet Front Hub 20mm – QR Adapters £5
    NoTubes Stans Rim Tape £10
    Bontrager SPD Pedals £15
    Kona Jackshit Pedals £10
    Sram X0 Rear Mech £75
    x3 Sram X7 Rear Mech £25 Each
    Sram X5 Rear Mech £15
    Shimano Tiagra Rear Mech £20
    x2 Sram 5.0 ESP Rear Mech £10 Each
    Shimano Tourney Rear Mech £5
    Sram X9 Rear Mech £15
    x2 DMR Dee Vee Rim £10 Each
    x2 Halo Tornado Rim £13 Each
    x2 Quad AM 2.7 Rim £30 Each
    Mavic EX721 Rim £25
    SDG I Fly Saddle £28
    Specialized Saddle £10
    SDG Bel Air RL Saddle £25
    Spank Surbosa Saddle £25
    24Seven Saddle £5
    Specialized Fuse Saddle £5
    Tioga Multi Control XL Saddle £5
    FATE True Two Logo Saddle £5
    Brand X 31.8mm Bolt Up Seatclamp £3
    SDG I Beam Micro 31.6mm Seatpost £15
    SDG I Beam 30.9mm Seatpost £10
    Tioga 30.9mm Seatpost £10
    31.6mm Seatpost £10
    Specialized 30.9mm Seatpost £10
    Kore Race ‘All in One’ 2014 30.9mm Seatpost £25
    Kalin 27.2mm Seatpost £5
    Sram X0 Front 3 Spd Trigger Shifter £85
    Shimano SLX Front 3 Spd Shifter £15
    x2 Sram X9 Rear 9 Spd Trigger Shifter £5
    Shimano Deore LX Front 3 Spd Shifter £15
    x2 Sram X5 Rear 9 Spd Trigger Shifter £15 Each
    Sram X7 Rear 9 Spd Trigger Shifter £15
    x3 Sram X7 Front 3 Spd Trigger Shifter £15 Each
    Progressive Suspension 325lbs x 2.5? Titanium Rear Shock Spring £95
    Fox 350lbs x 2.80? Rear Shock Spring £25
    Progressive Suspension 300lbs x 3? Rear Shock Spring £15
    Fox 300lbs x 3.25″ Rear Shock Spring £20
    x2 Rock Shox Boxxer Medium 32mm Spring £5 Each
    Rock Shox Boxxer Medium 32mm Spring £30
    Truvativ Holzfeller Stem £25
    MTB Stem £5
    Giant Stem £5
    Titec Stem £10
    Diamondback Stem £5
    x2 Specialized Multi Position Stem £15
    Race Face Evolve XC Stem £15
    GT BMX Stem £15
    Giant Comp Stem £15
    ABR BMX Stem £15
    Kona Stem £10
    Maxxis High Roller DH Tyre £15
    Kenda Small Block Eight Tyre £15
    x3 Maxxis Lopes Bling Bling Dual Tyre £10 Each
    x3 Maxxis Wet Scream DH Tyre £10 Each
    Maxxis High Roller Kevlar XC Tyre £10
    Continental Vapor Mountain Bike Tyre £10
    x2 Maxxis Minion DH Front Tyre £10 Each
    x2 Maxxis Swampthing DH Tyre £15 Each
    x2 Halo Choir Master R Off Road MTB Tyre £10 Each
    Alex DM22 Front Wheel £25
    Hope Hoops Spares Kit £5
    DMR Dee Vee PRO Wheelset £150
    Quad XC 3.2 Wheelset £135
    Commencal Wheelset £60
    Spank Spike Front Wheel £55

    Free Stuff (With any purchase)

    Shimano Satchel Bag
    Handlebar Bell
    x2 BMX Front Brake Cables
    Odyssey BMX Brake Pads
    Truvativ Boxguide Chain Device Backplate
    Downtube Mud Guard
    Front Handlebar Reflector
    Outland Flat Pedals
    Viscount Saddle
    Rear Seatpost Reflector
    30mm Seatpost
    Alloy Pump
    Wheel Reflectors
    Reflector Set


    qfruits – Front is 20mm, rear is 135mm x 9mm. White rims, fair condition, one spoke missing from rear wheel, both wheels could do with a slight tru, couple of minor dints from use.

    greasystain – Email me for payment details. Cheers.


    Shimano 160mm Rotor £5 Each

    Outland Flat Pedals


    Premier Icon unklehomered

    What cage is the x9 mech pls?


    £35 for the ifly saddle and I beam post?

    mail in profile.


    Man, Im after QR’s.



    unklehomered – Medium cage, but sold as spares repairs as a small part is missing.


    qfruits – Doh!


    boobs – YGM


    Sram X7 Rear 9 Spd Trigger Shifter £15


    Premier Icon mrsmigginspies

    What colour, stem size and rise are the (Azonic World Force Riser Bars £15) Please?


    mrsmigginspies – Silver, 25.4mm bar clamp, 2″ rise.


    Truvativ Holzfeller Stem £25
    Hayes HFX9 Front Brake £35
    x2 Shimano 160mm Rotor £5 Each
    SDG I Fly Saddle £28
    SDG I Beam Micro 31.6mm Seatpost £15


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