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  • FS: FSA Afterburner 2×10 Chainset £95
  • robarnold

    FSA Megaexo Afterburner 27/39 chainset in silver. 175mm crank length, 24mm axle to fit any Shimano/Race Face and FSA 68/73mm BB (although no BB included with sale).

    This was new in March and has had two new chains to preserve tooth life. The last new chain went on four weeks ago and had no issues with chain suck. Pedal threads are fine.

    These chainsets retail at £270 with a BB although I managed to get this originally from CRC when they were going cheap, although not as cheap as they were at their lowest. Think I paid £140.

    I’ve gone 1×10 so it is surplus to requirements. No specialist tools needed, preload and pinch bolts are tightened with only a 5mm allen key, no specialist tools required.

    Unfortunately on the very first ride out on it my XTR trail pedal sheared off the axle (as thousands had done so before) and I was left on the top of the moors with the pedal body attached to my shoe and the axle stub left in the crank arm. I rode down balancing my foot on the stub but managed to scuff the crank arm in the process. There are also some rubs from the heels of my winter boots and some chips from rock strikes. All purely cosmetic, the rings are in A1 condition.

    £95 posted

    Pics below:

    Please email me robinarnold69@hotmail.com


    Decided to sell this as a complete 2×10 drivetrain with XT cassette and chain, XTR shifters and Shadow + rear mech and front mech in a few weeks time, will post on here but email me if interested in meantime

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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