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  • Brown

    I’ve got two X-Fusion Hilos for sale. One’s 27.2, the other’s 31.6. Both have 100m of infinite drop, are about 400mm long and have both a remote and under-saddle lever.

    The 27.2 post is about 20 rides old, and the remote lever is fairly scratched from flipping the bike over etc, but works fine, although you’ll want a new cable (normal gear cable). The ‘body’ of the post (the bit that goes into the frame) is a little scuffed, as you’d expect, but everything else is fine.

    The 31.6 is about 5 rides old. Again, the ‘body’ has the expected scratches from instertion, but the remote’s not been used and the rest of the post is mint.

    £100 posted for either, email in profile.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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