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  • Hi,

    Im selling this bike on behalf of my brother since its far too small for him and he needs a decent sized hardtail for doing the C2C on, and for over summer.

    Spec as follows:

    DMR Trailstar – BMX BB (with wonder cups so it runs an mtb bb) and horizontal dropouts so it can be single speeded easily.

    Marzocchi Z1 Bams 98, repainted black with a goldtech brace.

    Shimano LX hubs on D521 rims, they are straight but the front hub bearings could do with replacing.

    Its running 27 gears for xc style riding, the rear mech is only a few months old. Gears work ok but the rear shifter is a bit temperamental – it works but you cant be too hamfisted with it.

    The cranks feel slightly odd, got a slightly wobble to them.

    Avid SD Levers on XT brake arms, worknig fine but the pads may need replacing shortly.

    Tioga 90mm stem and Fr bars (680mm width IIRC) both pretty new.

    The seatpost is long at around 400mm so you can get the saddle to a decent height.

    DMR V8 pedals and saddle and lizard skin grips.

    Think thats everything, the condition of the bike is ok, quite a few scuffs and scrapes here and there and some of the stuff is quite worn because its all quite old gear.

    If you need anymore info just ask. We’re after £200ono collected from the South Lake District area

    Pics below:

    I forgot to mention, this bike is really fast. Its done the 18 mile Coniston Lake loop in 1 hour and 2 mins and the Northface Trail in about an hour aswell.

    Does no one want it?

    Potentially very interested David.

    Could you drop me a mail to dirtscene@btopenworld.com to discuss? Could collect/meet as well.

    Emailed you Dave


    I can also do this with a bashring and double cog setup at the front, rather than the 3 rings pictured.



    David it always buggs me. What is it that you lean the bikes on in all your pics? Makes the bike look really industrial and good for some reason.

    Haha, its an oil tank out the back of my house. I also use my limited photoshop skillz to tweak the pics slightly aswell.


    If you fancied splitting, I could be interested in the frame and possibly the wheels.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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