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  • tangent

    DeKerf Implant, from Reynolds 853 steel, frame no. “DEK 2117”
    Size: Seatube 15″ (C-C) , 17 1/2″ inches (C-T)
    Toptube 22 1/2″ inches (C-C)
    Headset 1 1/8″ inches

    £316 Frameset and Salsa Seat QR (plus postage costs)
    £299 Frameset only (plus postage costs)

    Condition well used as a frame, but well cared for during it’s life with me (areas of of paint wear touched up), so no rust. Of note is the rear gear hanger which I had a local frame builder straighten after bending it out of shape in my local forestry. It is functionally fine, the threads accept a rear mech no problem. Images below illustrate the overall condition. Paintwork, (described by DeKerf as “Guiness Brown” I believe) and decals are original.

    Lots of images here Flick DeKerf Implant images

    PB190240 by tangent16, on Flickr

    PB190234 by tangent16, on Flickr

    PB190209 by tangent16, on Flickr

    PB190227 by tangent16, on Flickr

    PB190213 by tangent16, on Flickr

    PB190221 by tangent16, on Flickr

    PB190214 by tangent16, on Flickr

    PB190206 by tangent16, on Flickr

    PB190236 by tangent16, on Flickr

    £316 Frameset and Salsa Seat QR (plus postage costs)
    £299 Frameset only (plus postage)


    Registering interest pending price……..


    Price is up now in the advert…apologies I did briefly launch the advert without a price for a moment…

    If you require any additional info I can be reached by email

    tangent 16 AT btinternet DOT com




    @1978…Hopefully sent you an email with price, in case you’ve not checked bk. on here?

    Ta, John


    Is the frame still for sale?



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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