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  • MarkiMark

    Originally the Cyrus brand was part of Mission, not sure why they spun it off.
    I bought this a long time ago new. It’s a mark 2 model, so anyone who knows their Cyrus will probably realise this comes from about 1989.
    It’s been absolutely brilliant in all that time, only needing the occasional service. The main problem has been an occasional noise when adjusting the volume from cold, but this is just dust in the volume control which can be cleaned/removed easily by removing the case.
    Made from really heavy metal, none of your modern plastic rubbish. Weighs a ton so probably best picked up or happy to meet.
    You can get details from the Cyrus website archive.
    Selling due to a complete new Naim system.
    This will outlive you. No idea what it’s worth so saying £120, but offers.
    Photos on request.
    Email in profile.
    Also got a superb pair of Musical Fidelity MS2 speakers (google them) and quality speaker cable (biwired). Happy to include if interested for an additional fee.


    Back up for sale from last year?
    Price all in?

    Premier Icon jkomo

    Could I have pics please.
    Of all the stuff


    ygm where are you?


    adlyhobart – Member
    ygm where are you?

    MarkiMark – Member
    Mission Cyrus 2 Amplifier about 25 years old. Brilliant amp. Pictures of this model can be found online. Mine has a little dust in the volume control, only makes a sound when the amp is initially switched on, then fine.
    Musical Fidelity MC2 speakers. Match well to the amp, great stereo imaging, power and balance. Again, about 25 years old, never had a problem with them. They can be bi-wired.
    I want to sell them because they are taking up room and I’ve replaced everything with new stuff recently. Their age makes a valuation almost impossible so I’m looking for any sane offers for such good kit. Forum rules require me to ask a price, so let’s say £200 the lot but very open to offers.
    When I was using these I normally had the amp connected to a Sonos Connect box via a Musical Fidelity x-DAC. This allows streaming from online services direct to hi-fi. Neat.
    The amp looks and feels like it’s carver from a single block of granite. I’d be reluctant to post because of the weight. I live in Ashford, Middlesex and could meet up somewhere. Happy to demo if given a few days notice.
    Thanks for reading.



    Thanks for all the replies, and the reminder of my original ad. I think I must have got a bit emotional the last time around, they have been with me half my life.


    Link to photos of both amp and speakers below. Note that at this moment I have mislaid the power lead for the amp, but will hopefully find that. Failing that, it is just a normal kettle lead. However, I’m sure the audiophiles among you will hook it up to an external power supply anyway.
    The speaker photos show that the dome in the centre of the low frequency driver is ‘squashed’. It’s the same on both speakers and not sure why it’s like that, they’ve never been struck in any way and lived mostly behind the included grills. I’m told it makes no difference to the sound quality, effectively just a dust cover.


    I’m based in Ashford, near Staines west of London.

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