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    My Cotic Soul – Large – Black 853 steel frame.

    Unfortunately, although massive fun, I like a very long bike and this frame always felt a little cramped.
    Bought new a couple of years ago and used for a few local XC loops and that's all. it really has been ridden under 10 times. Too many bikes in my shed.
    So, really nice condition. I could take some pics I guess.

    Includes a new [grey] frame sticker as the Crud catcher scratched the old sticker [which is still on] and unused "COTIC" neoprene chainstay boot.

    How about 300 quid. Got to be a bargain for one of Dirt magazines favourite hardtails.

    Group Test – Hardtails

    "The Cotic Soul was born a couple of years ago out of a similar desire to
    mine, to be able to have a frame that’s capable of taking a 5” travel
    fork, but yet isn’t massively overbuilt for 99% of your general hacking
    about. If you’re fairly hefty and you’ve got a habit of breaking things,
    then maybe something like the Chromag will be more your cup of tea, but
    for the vast majority of riders the Soul will easily see you through
    anything you care to chuck it at. The weight may seem low when compared
    to some others, but the use of Reynolds 853 tubing at the front end
    means that it’s far stronger than you’d first assume. The back end is
    made from bog standard cromoly, but it’s more than up to the job, and
    the profiles allow as much mud clearance as you’re ever likely to need.
    Cotic do go on a bit about the amount of time and money they’ve spent
    getting the dropouts custom made, but from the eyes point of view at
    least, I’m not so sure it was that well spent. To be fair though, that’s
    my only slight grumble with what I think is otherwise a near perfect
    hardtail. The only thing to watch out for is the ’ultra compact
    geometry’ which effectively just means that top tubes are relatively
    long. Throw in a free Salsa seat QR (the best there is my opinion), and
    you’re laughing!"
    please e-mail me at flatpedalthunder [at] gmail [dot] com




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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