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  • Kato

    Front is a Scott hub on an Alex DM18 and the rear is a Shimano 475 hub on an Alex DM18. They have braking surfaces! They were OEM on a Scott Scale!

    I’ve been running them on my singlespeed, but I’ve bought new wheels. Front is straight, but the rear has a slight wobble. Nothing a spoke key couldn’t fix and I’ve been riding on it like that for ages. Freehub is fine. No skewers!

    Come and get them from me in Kent for £30! Or i’ll bring them to any London train station and meet you

    I cannot be arsed to post them, the whole idea of finding suitable packaging and having to take them to the Post Office fills me with so much dread that I’d rather leave them in the spares box

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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