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  • stooo

    Any thoughts on what sort of money you'd want for this ? Though, it may be a little big for me… current bike is a 54 with a 55.5 top tube.


    Right size for me. Depends on price as I know nothing about road bikes apart from that looks quite nice!


    yep, worth a punt if the price is right………

    Hi All,

    Just thought I’d put this up for an opinion and if anyone is interested any offers that people want to put forward.

    I am selling my 56cm Cervelo R3 road frame (2006) model. The frame was originally bought by someone who works for the Cervelo importer. I bought it off him in July 2007 when he moved abroad. I did around 2000 miles on the bike until I unfortunately had a crash on it last July after having a collision with another rider during a race (and his bike being made of titanium!). This was the day before I left for the etape so I had to put all of my bike bits onto a hastily purchased frame.

    The crash was at fairly low speed (10mph) but unfortunately the other riders handlebar went through the right seat stay of my bike leaving a clean break. I did quite a lot of thinking about what to do with the bike and eventually spoke to the guy at carboncyclerepairs.co.uk who said that they had fixed lots of these bikes in the same place. They fixed my bike back in November- they deliberately don’t cover up the repair so that you can see it but I guess you could get it sprayed black over the top if you wanted. They are confident that the bike should behave normally after its repair as they layer the carbon in all the same directions as the original carbon it replaces. There are some breaks they refuse to fix but they stated were confident that the bike would be strong once repaired. I have only taken the ride for a short spin since with the parts from my other bike and it handled fine and felt exactly as it always did. The bike isn’t damaged in any other place (as it landed on me) and has otherwise been really well looked after. I am selling it as I can’t really justify having two cervelos sitting in the garage and have now got used to my other bike which is better suited to what I ride.

    Obviously I cannot make any guarantees about the repair but I am confident that this bike can be enjoyed again by someone. Also included are a Easton EC90 SL curved fork (RRP around 200 pounds), Pro vibe 7s stem (130mm centre to centre) (RRP around 60 pounds), and a FSA SLK carbon seatpost and clamp (RRP around 60 pounds).

    Drop me an email if you’ve got any further questions or offers and am happy to talk on the phone following email contact. The bike is in Canterbury at my parents house at the moment but can also be viewed in Bristol. I’d consider offers in the parts if I don’t get interest in the frame. Pics at http://s764.photobucket.com/albums/xx288/timrobinson229/Cervelo%20R3



    ps sorry for the long ad!

    Hi guys,

    Its difficult to know how much the bike is worth. I want to keep things open so if you want to come up with an offer then feel free to post it up for all to see. Bear in mind the components themselves are worth a couple of hundred quid.



    Much as I'd love an R3, I think I'll bow out of this one as I reckon it's a touch too big for me, my pal just bought a 54 and it feels spot on. Incidentally, he paid £1100 for his on ebay (second hand, in good nic).


    I didn't know you could hold an auction on here?

    I was under the impression that you had to state a price!

    apolgies greenboy- not the intention. ive got a few people emailing so if you are interested please mail.

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