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  • FS: Carbon 29er Race Frame and Forks and bits – XT, Thomson, On-One
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    Hi guys,

    Regrettably I’m selling this race frame as an unfinished project. Wedding is coming up soon and I’m not riding my other bikes let alone have the time or money to kit this out. Hopefully it can go to a good home and get some enjoyment out of it! I have absolute faith in this frame and was intending on riding as soon as I could finish but wedding more important at the moment!

    Frame : Fluid Carbon XC29R Frame (Large 20”, see geometry below).
    Forks : Fluid Carbon rigid forks, tapered steerer
    Headset : On-One Smoothie Mixer
    BB : XT Hollowtech
    Seatpost : Thomson 410mm Elite

    The Good:
    Overall the frame is in good condition. It’s very light (coming in at around 1550g including headset and BB). Internal routing is cool! It’s awesome!

    The Bad:
    Some chainsuck to the chainstay and some small paint chips. Already wrapped in innertube but can remove if you need pics. Chainsuck has gone through paint.

    The Ugly (but not necessarily bad!):
    When I received the frame it had an integrated seatpost. It had some small stress lines/paint cracks around the seatpost/top tube junction. I was concerned so opened a post on STW.

    Recommendations were that it was more than likely just a bad paint job and it’s the paint not able to flex with the carbon hence lots of little cracks rather than a major single crack. After further investigation I’ve heard that this has happened on other peoples frames and hasn’t caused any issues with structural integrity. Either way I pushed on and multiple coin tap tests later I was happy that it was just paint and not structural. I was never set on an ISP anyway so decided to chop it and convert to conventional seatpost and give it the belt and braces approach.

    Seat post was chopped and a custom alu shim dropped in. Shim is 100mm long so extends well past the top tube joint. The internal seat tube surface wasn’t finished so I’ve added another can shim in between frame and proper shim and now the diameter is pretty much on 30.9. At least this way it’s reduced any more stress around the joint, reinforced with 100mm shim and also 410mm seatpost that extends beyond….proper belt and braces! Internal 30.9 isn’t quite 100% as seatpost has very very slight wiggle but when clamped loose however when clamped tight it’s rock solid. For the OCD rider a tiny piece of coke can shim would finish it off.

    I have never ridden the frame (sadly) as it’s never got out of ‘project’ phase and I don’t think I’ll have the time or money to complete it. I wanted to be open about this frame and had every intention of finishing and riding it’s socks off.

    Frame, forks, BB, headset, Thomson seatpost and QR clamp – £320 posted.
    Can include saddle and a stem if needed.

    Drop me an email for queries.


    Collection from South Birmingham, Oxford, Coventry, Reading or Basingstoke (or anywhere on route!)

    Email me Chrisj.ross@btinternet.com


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