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  • fivespot

    Bought new last May from John Lewis for £380, now for sale as wanting a DSLR. Superb compact with optical view finder, swivel/tilt screen (which can be closed with the screen facing in for protection) and a whole shed load of features.

    Two weeks after buying it I dropped it, causing a dent to the magnesium body next to the flash (see pic). Although gutted about this, it didn’t effect any functions of the camera at all, so I carried on using it for a year with great results. There is also a tiny spec on the lens, it looks like a spec of dust, but won’t wipe off. This in no way effects images.

    The camera will come with original box, charger, CD’s, cables. manual etc.

    Due to the cosmetic damage I am only asking £125 posted RM SD.

    I am sure the photography guru’s on here will vouch for how good these compacts are, and hopefully what a good price this one is.

    Nearly forgot, the original neck strap has been cut and re-stiched into a wrist strap, which I found far better.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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