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  • FS Boardman CX Pro Cyclocross bike £350
  • darryl1983

    Might be tempted by this as a new commuter. Where abouts are you?

    Premier Icon neil853

    I’m in the North West (Preston), but the bike is currently at my parents in the North East.


    Sorry, little bit too far for me to travel.

    Good luck with the sale.

    Premier Icon neil853

    Due to various reasons I’m not going to be using this much over the next few months so its time to move it on to someone who’ll make the most of it.

    2010 Boardman CX Pro, size Large.

    This has been my commuter bike, cx bike, sportive bike and it’s even done a triathlon and duathlon, its been awesome, a genuine all rounder. I haven’t used it off road much as if i’m honest I don’t think CX bikes are a good alternative to an MTB. Disused railway lines and such are awesome, but apart form that, no thanks.

    So, like I say its been well used but been looked after. Its recently had new cables so shifts and brakes perfectly, its also had new brake pads.

    The drivetrain although worn does not skip, jump or anything else. There is wear on the rims also but again nothing that needs doing immediately.

    Basically if your looking for something that is an alternative to your mtb/road bike on a weekend that is massively versatile then I’m pretty sure this is it.

    Price £350 + postage at cost (or pick up). No offers.

    Price reflects that its been used and isn’t showroom, but equally I think its pretty good price for a bike that was £1k new

    boardman_pic1 by 99c5faa01725362d73494aff686e3664, on Flickr


    Boardman Pic1 by 99c5faa01725362d73494aff686e3664, on Flickr

    Clean 🙂


    Very interested. Do you know how much postage to brighton would cost?

    If you could respond to my e-mail address waltzmaxims@hotmail.com that’d be great.

    Many Thanks,


    Premier Icon neil853

    waltzmaxims YGM


    may have a mate in north east intersted if avail


    If waltzmaxims doesn’t want it, I’ll take it for £350, and can pick it up.



    Is this still for sale?

    If so, I’ll give you the £350 and can collect.

    smithmtb at gmail dot com

    Premier Icon neil853

    A chap has said he’ll have it, if anything changes I’ll stick it back up

    Premier Icon neil853

    Still for sale


    hi is this still for sale im very tempted


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