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  • FS: Big clearout – Garmins (new), Helmet, road stems & bars + more
  • Ok having a bit of a clear out. All items below are tip top condition. For pics or any questions then please mail me on stevemyers651@hotmail.com My equipment see’s little use as for the last 3 years I have spent between 3 & 5 months each year abroad where I work as I cycle guide and a bike & clothing is supplied for me.

    Garmin 305 Edge & 705 Edge

    Again, selling both of these for a mate who is over from the States and not a member here but wants to generate some spare cash.

    Garmin 305

    For sale: Garmin 305, new and unused. No box but come with leads, charger etc. No cd but anything you require can be downloaded from the Garmin website and you don’t need them to operate the unit itself. Cant seem to find many of these to guage a selling price but based on others models and its functions £95 seems to be a fair price given that its new. The newer 200 model retails at over £110 + and does not have anywhere near the functions of this model.

    Garmin 705

    For sale: Garmin 705 with Europe Data card, cadence sensor and HRM strap. Still has the cellophane wrapper over the screen. All boxed and totally unmarked and despite being set up has never been used or fitted to a bike! All manuals, cables and mounts as you would expect of a new item. I am sure you don’t need me to list functions as you probably already know more than me about these things but if you are unsure then a quick online search will tell you all you need to know. I have checked Ebay for a selling guide price and most people with reserve prices seem to be starting their auctions at around the £150+ mark obviously looking for more. New Buy it Now seem to be well in excess of £250 so I would be looking for close to £220.

    UVEX FP3.0 Road Helmet

    For sale: Uvex FP3 road helmet, size large in white. Approx 1 year old. I paid £120 for this new and cheapest I have seen this model on ebay for is £90 but only in dodgy colours!!! White based versions seem to be between £110 and £130. This has never been crashed or dropped and is in A1 condition. Only selling as I have just treated myself to a Giro Aeon for Xmas. I would keep as a spare but I already have another. Build quality is far superior to my new helmet but I must admit its heavier (German, not far east construction!) but that’s the only negative thing I can say. Dial adjustment on the rear.

    £70 posted.

    3T Ergosum road bars

    For sale: 3T Ergosum road bars. Fitted January 2011 to my best summer bike to replace my Deda Zeroo 100 bars (also for sale!) and used for approx 3 months. I have decided I want to try the Ergonova model as they are apparently suited better to smaller hands…no jokes please!!! ;o) Therefore, these are for sale. Size 40cm and in extremely good condition.

    These retail for between £54 and £64 online depending where you shop. For sale at £40 posted.

    Deda Zero 100 Handlears

    For sale: Deda Zero 100 Handlears, black, size 40cm. These were fitted to my bike last year as I wanted a lightweight compact bar to replace my Zipp carbon bars I previously used and sold on here!! Yes I get through a lot of bars but I like to try new things!!! I removed these as I bought a set of 3T bars to fit to my Cervelo instead as I was building a ‘team replica’ bike. I kept these as spares or in case I bought another frame as I planned to make up a new winter bike from all my spares but just have not found the need or money to do so.

    Therefore these are now for sale. They are in A1 condition as is all my goods and have never been crashed or misused in any way. I am only 60kg so they certainly have not had a hard life!!! Just checked E-Bay and these selling @ £56-60 = postage. Looking for £40 posted.

    Deda Zero 100 stem

    For sale: Deda Zero 100 stem, black, 100mm length. For sale as I switched last Spring to a 3T cockpit set up and its just been sitting under my bed since along with the matching bars. What can I say, it’s a stem! However, its in great condition and very light @ approx 105-110 grammes.

    Great condition. Just checked E-Bay and these selling @ £45-48. Looking for £37 posted.

    Samsung Wave

    For sale: Samsung Wave mobile phone. 1 year old and on Orange network. Touch screen and all the usual features ie camera etc. Very good condition as I am not a big mobile user, I always have the lowest tariff and never go over…tight I know!!! ;o) I only have it as I got a good deal as I threatened to cancel my contract at the time. Comes with all associated paperwork/instructions, 2 sets of earphonesand is boxed. It does have an extremely small mark on one corner as I dropped it once but this is barely visible and not detrimental to the looks or function of the phone in any way. £85 posted.

    Cateye cycle computers

    For sale: Cateye Strada Cadence computer. Selling on behalf of a friend. All new in box. Check out the specs online. Checked Ebay and these seem to be selling for between £30-40 with postage. Will come in with my price at the bottom end of that scale and ask for £29 posted.

    For sale: Cateye Strada Wireless cycle computer. Again, selling on behalf of the same friend as above and again, its all new in the box. Checked Ebay and these seem to be selling for between £22-27 with postage. Will come in with my price at the bottom end of that scale and ask for £21 posted.

    Campagnolo Record

    I have the following Record items i am thinking of putting up for sale. All 10 speed from a bike I built up toward the end of summer 2008. All in fantastic condition and none of it scratched or marked in any way!!! Fitted to my Summer bike so not used and abused and looked after from day 1. Cassettes for these are still available but the rest of it is becoming rarer by the year. Why not upgrade or simply buy as spares for your existing set up?!?!? I actually prefer the 10 speed to the new 11 speed as the hood shapes on the shifter are smaller and I won’t use or need 11 speed!!! Just stripping down my bike as thought I would try Sram Red for a change. Its hard to judge prices as theres not much of it around for some of the components but have put down what I think is fair considering its age and extremely good condition.

    Record STI Ergopower 10 speed shifters/levers , carbon. Ribble don’t have these in stock but have them priced at £195 with cables. I will leave cables on although I am sure you would need new ones. My price £110.

    Record Skeleton Brakes, black, double pivot front, single pivot rear. Supplied with new spare brake blocks. £100

    Record Rear Mech, carbon finish etc. Not sure if its long or shot cage but I have it set up for compact. Ribble have these new for sale at £180 which is more than 11 speed so they are obviously becoming rare!!! My price £100

    Record Front Mech, carbon and titanium 10 speed £40

    Cassette: Choice of 11-23 or 11-25. Not sure how much life there is in these so would actually advise buying a new Chorus 10 speed one to be sure. I have been using both for quite some time and neither has ever slipped or missed a change but I do change my chain twice a year which I am sure contributes to their long life and continued good function. I only wish to sell one of these as I am happy to use either or both of them on my Winter bike which still has Campag on it. £45

    Baring in mind I am asking (but not necessarily expecting!) £395 for all of this separately, If someone was to make me an offer on the whole lot I would be prepared to sell for £335 posted. I do have the cranks but wish to keep them as they are fitted with Rotor Q rings and currently residing on my Colnago winter bike. All components are still fitted to my bike but soon to be removed. Its been like this since the last time I used it back in April when I returned from Australia and not been used since…not bothered to put a stem back on it yet as I am awaiting a new frame.


    Steve, will take campag shifters, just e mailed you. kev


    Email sent re: Record groupset.

    Cheers guys, have replied to both, thanks

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