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  • vooomvooom

    oops yes, shock size 7.875 (200mm) , 2.250 stroke


    Hi all,

    I have decided to sell my Avalanche DHS shock. I bought it last year, second-hand. When I bought it, it was described as in good, working order. However, I’ve never put it on my bike and haven’t tried it. My intention was to service it, anyway, it would require reconstruction to fit my frame (a longer hose), so was planning to do those things together. Unfortunately, other expenses didn’t allow me to do all that and I can’t see it changing in the near future, so that’s why I have to sell it. I’m a bit gutted because I’ve only heard good things about the shock and was very keen to try it.

    It has new DU bushings and reducer bushings(22×8). Also comes with spare hose fittings, reservoir mount kit, extra spring collar (which I need to find first) and some stickers! The spring rate is 400×2.25.

    Here’s more information on the official website http://www.avalanchedownhillracing.com/dhs.html

    I’m looking for £130 posted O.N.O

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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