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  • proberts

    Hi Jim,
    I work for Blades Htg, we’re based in oxted and work with AGA’s a lot. I’ll ask around a few people I know to see if anyone’s interested.
    I can offer you a very good dismantle price if you need it taken down?

    Cheers, Paul

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Every Aga should have a set of forks parked beside it 🙂

    We’re selling our Aga – solid fuel range cooker (though I believe they can be converted if you want to use a different fuel)


    It needs some reconditioning work (the heat seal around the hob lids has started to go and a couple of other bits could do with some attention)

    Price is up for discussion but it needs to go as we’re having the kitchen redone, so any offers are welcome.


    Jim (location: Brighton, address in profile)


    Thats even older than mine, I thought we were the last surviving solid fuel AGA users in the country.

    Not quite! Got one nearly the same as that here too, but the hoods on ours are cream as well.


    ive got one similar, bit older than that too, as does my aunty and uncle. old black mucky thing, ill see if i can find a photo. i do wonder how much something like this is worth… ours has a back boiler in which collapsed 2 years ago, cost an arm and a leg to get replaced!

    proberts: Thanks about spreading the word, Paul. Will give you a shout if we need a dismantle.

    wwaswas: Indeed. Actually the Aga has been very useful….The top surface makes an excellent work surface for “bashing”stubborn bearings and the like (shouldn’t say that when I’m trying to sell it but it’s very nice and solid)

    Mcmoonter, PocketShepard,anus: You all sound like you could do with another one?…?….perhaps a bidding war?… 😉

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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