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  • bones76

    As title says…

    Bought this around 2 years ago when i was racing Triathlons but I done all the ones i wanted and if am honest Tri’s don’t really do it for me as don’t get no buzz form them but that just my opinion.

    The wet suit has been looked after and cleaned down after each use but it has been used and has usual odd mark here and there and am pretty sure a little nick here or there that IMO can be fixed with a little glue.

    Now i’m 5ft 9ish and weigh 75kg and the suit fits me very snug which is what i wanted for when gliding through the water so please bare this in mind should you be interested.

    Now i bought this for £325 from Royals near manchester like i said around 2 years ago and would like a fair price that works for both parties as the suit is a mid entry suit and was not a cheapo and is made of top neoprene with all the fancy panels etc

    This suit would be great for someone wanting to get into Tri’s for the up and coming year and would also give the person a good quality mid entry suit at a good price.

    And am thinking around the £100 posted

    So if your interested Email in profile and lets sort a price and deal.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Errrm, what size is it?


    Am going to hazard a guess at around a medium size due to the fact that i am average height and average weight IMO and am not 100% sure on wet suit sizing and when i went to buy this i tried on various makes and models and this fit me very good.

    What size are you? how tall are you? it would fit someone around about the same size as me as stated in OP

    Can do pictures but would be later today as busy from 13.00

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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