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  • FS: 2015 Verenti Substance CX Bike – 54cm – £350
  • For sale again… Tried flogging this earlier in the year but loads of other stuff on meant it was a little half hearted.

    Anyway, its for sale again. Bought in September’ish time last year, not used at all really until I moved house in December and since then has done (according to Strava) less than 100 miles (4 mile round trip to the station a few times a week at the most).

    As such, its really not being used properly and to be quite frank, I hate the drop bar’d thing. Bought on a whim to try it out but hate the bars, the position, the fact its as uncomfy as hell compared to a proper bike with suspension and big tyres and stuff…

    Anyway, the full spec and review is here: http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/category/bikes/urban/product/review-verenti-substance-sora-49877/

    Bought this over a CdF as it was a bit cheaper and looked a load prettier and it does – its a very good looking thing. Just hate riding it.

    Condition wise its as expected – 99% immaculate.

    I’ll get pics this weekend and price wise, £350 collected from Halifax OR I’d swap it for something hardtail’ey, maybe even singlespeed’ey. Just want something simple and not flash I can still ride to the station but not break my wrists with over potholes and take for a bez about in the woods now and then.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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