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  • I_Ache

    The realisation that the Enduro Evo is a bit too much bike for me has finally sunk in, so its time to sell.

    The frame is in decent condition and has been occasionally used as intended but is mostly used for mincing around Cannock chase. There are scuffs and a few scratches on it as you would expect from a bike of this type and age. Yes it probably would benefit from a paint job but most bikes would.

    It has been helitaped in places but a few spots were missed so I have ended up taping over rub patches.

    The shock works fine and I have a couple of different springs that will be included. The bearings seem fine to me, I havn’t noticed any creeks or groans from them and the back end is supple enough.

    Here are some pics. Including a couple of scuffs/scratches.

    Enduro Evo 2011 mid build

    I am after £500 + £20 postage. I feel this is a fair price.

    I live in Sutton Coldfield and work just off J11 M42 so am happy to meet for collection or if you wish to have a look at it.

    I can take more specific photos if required.

    Mail is in profile.

    An apple, a packet of crisps, my older sister, a ‘nearly’ roadworthy mk.2 Fiesta and £25?

    (Sorry sorry – couldn’t resist! 😈 )


    Pics of sister please.

    This is a recent shot, give or take 20 years.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    I’d be interested in the crisps and the sister if I Ache doesn’t take.

    What flavour crisps?

    Prawn cocktail. Walkers, no less.


    I just got all excited because of the three extra posts. Bit disappointed now.

    However I’m willing to do a deal on the sister.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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