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  • knuckle

    Have these been regularly serviced? What year are these? How long is the steerer?


    Steerer is 195mm, bought in 2010 (I believe they are 2009 my)and been serviced twice. I am a serial builder and they have been on four bikes in total but as I rarely keep a bike for more than 200 miles and have had several other forks during this time they have not had a huge amount of use.


    Are they by any chance G2 geometry? If so there’ll normally be a sticker down near the axle

    Hi, where are you based, might be able to bring them into my price range if I can pick up to save postage costs!

    nbt- no sticker so assume they are not g2
    CB- outside Belfast so you probably would need to be a good swimmer to save the money

    Damn, never mind then! Though I do know some folks from there…


    Fox Vanilla 32mm R Forks – 15mm axle, 195mm 1″ 1/8″ steerer, 140mm travel. Stanchions are spotless with the exception of a scratch on the right hand leg caused by a slipped allen key -it is not deep, very hard to photo and does not affect the seals or the performance of the fork, also the fact these are a coil fork it is not as critical as an air fork. There’s some paint rubbing off underneath the steerer.
    Super plush coil fork in full working order with extra firm spring fitted, but also comes with the blue and purple springs.
    These are such a great fork when I got a new Zesty this year the new Fox CTD’S were so poor I swapped them with these and the bike rode so much better.
    Price £135


    ha these are Fox 32 vans R they’re simple and reliable as **** they dont need regular service like all other forks these days. Are they still available??

    Yep still here

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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