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  • Frozen shoulder anyone?
  • Well after having serious surgery for bowel cancer, then shingles while she was in HDU, Mrs Egf now has a frozen shoulder (as diagnosed by fizzyO)
    Any good recomendations? (apart from put my poor Mrs out of her continuing misery)

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    Depends what you mean by frozen shoulder. Get a proper diagnosis first. If it’s adhesive capsulitis as I had at the beginning of the year, it’s surgery.

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    I had it and had hydrocautorisation (sp?) which was an injection into the shoulder using ultrasound and it cleared it instantly.

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    I had this over the past couple of years, but the type that comes on for no reason, then slowly just goes away on its own accord -[apparently quite a common pattern]. Steroid injection from the GP was pointless, steroid injection with masssive needle guided by X-ray made a big difference [similar to what kilo describes].

    Only thing I can say is that a lot of the physio was useless in retrospect when the condition was coming on – limited movement and pain felt like I was fighting it. It was only when it stabilised, and I had the steroid injection, that I felt physio started to work. Would have saved myself a lot of stress if I’d understood this better at the time.

    One other thing was I’m sure timetrialling exacerbated my shoulder pain a lot. It feels in good nick at the moment so next season will be a good measure of whether it’s cleared up properly. Hope your missus sees it off.


    Ironically, I had it … and then got Shingles ( which lead to a complete meltdown , but that is another story)

    Apparently it will get better on it’s own. But by **** is it painful … i thought it was a response to me carrying too heavy bags on my shoulders. It was when i couldn’t raise my arms much above my waist ( and wiping my arse became a challenge ) that i realised something was wrong.I have private healthcare – so had it operated on .. the issue was my shoulder blade had become hooked, and inflaming the muscle that went through. 18 month later and a fanatic result – sorted …
    It still hurt now and then …
    The morphine was wonderful ( i reacted really badly to anaesthetic … so they hit me with it).

    But … in Oz ( not that i live there but sis does), Frozen shoulder is a sure sigh that you have diabetes …

    Sure enough, I was diagnosed as type II shortly afterwards…
    That has been resolved with serious weight loss and increased exercise …

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    Mrs midlife had it sometime between five and ten years ago. Came on pretty quick, over a day or two. Had an operation to fix it. Arthroscopic capsular release to be precise. Immediate relief from the pain and about a month of simple physio to protect it and regain full range of motion. Hope it goes well for you both.

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    She has my sympathies. I had it earlier this year. It felt like my shoulder/arm was broken and lasted several days before it eased off to levels where I could function again. I just couldn’t get comfortable or sleep properly. To manage the pain I found that taking paracetamol and ibuprofen at the same time helped.

    Painkillers don’t work but It’s only really painful when she moves it. She sleeps ok for instance. The physio at hospital said that cortisone injections are only given when the pain is chronic, which it isn’t in her case, & apparently there’s a new injection available which she could have if the excercises don’t work. The new jab has been very effective with positive results in just about all cases, so fingers crossed if she gets that far.

    To manage the pain I found that taking paracetamol and ibuprofen at the same time helped.

    Same with me many years ago. I suddenly realised I hadn’t taken any painkillers for 2 days!

    How’s your neck muscles?

    How’s your neck muscles?

    My neck muscles?

    Not too bad atm thanks, sometimes get a bit of a niggle but not worth taking anything for it.

    I had this this year after a fall off the bike in March. Physio was reluctant to give my condition a name but said the symtoms were all looking like frozed shoulder.

    I was pretty determined to get it sorted out, so i kept cycling mostly just road bike as the MTB aggravated it a lot. keeping elbows tucked in was ok so long as not stood up pedaling.
    I carried on physio (NHS), then private physio including acupunture. And I kept up my weekly yoga class (even my body was saying stop)!

    Eventually I got a steroid injection from the NHS after i changed the NHS physio. this was turning point and made a huge difference and was the begining of real improvement. I would say its just about sorted now, taked best part of 9 months tho.

    Hope you get sorted out.

    The reason I asked about the neck: is that scalene’ muscles can give the same pain in the shoulder.

    Causes referred pain, I couldn’t move my shoulder, then after an Birthday massage on my neck I was fine.

    Was hoping it would be work for others to depending on the cause.


    Frozen shoulder follows a very distinct pattern and unfortunately it can’t be prevented, only managed. Physio, injections and surgery will all help to reduce the impact but are very unlikely prevent it from running its course. Every patient is different but expect around 9-18 months in total from start to finish (3 stages: painful upon movement, then stiff and painful, then not painful but still stiff as it gradually resolves itself).

    Although we know the physiology (the joint capsule swells and thickens) the causes are still only partially understood. However it is most common in women between the ages of 40-60. It is interesting that Mrs EGF had shingles in HDU, I suspect that may have been a trigger, although I am not sure. Good luck! It will resolve itself, eventually!

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    Hydrodilation was the treatment I received, as I said it was successful.


    Was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder a couple of months after a broken collar bone. I’ve been told pretty much the same as Shermer75 says, but apparantly the 3 stages can take from 12 to 42 months, with 30 months being average 🙁 More fizzyO next week……..

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    I had one after a broken collarbone, took a couple of months physio to be able to get my arm up far enough to ride again. Unpleasant but keep up with the physio

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