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  • Front Mudguards – Axle Runner alternatives?
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    Looks like I’m about to pick up a new winter bike, but it doesn’t have mudguards at the moment and (annoyingly) the fork doesn’t have eyelets.

    Axiom Axle Runners look like the perfect solution but I can’t see any stock in the U.K. and it’s about £40 to get some through eBay.

    I could fit Raceblades but would rather use the frame eyelets, so would rather get a decent adapter for the fork. Is there anything out there? I could get PDW eyelets but not sure if “do not use on other products” is real or not? P-clips look like the best alternative at the moment

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    use stay mounting clips. means you can clear any disc brakes too as you can mount above them.

    Axle runners look nice and neat if you don’t remove your wheels often/puncture.

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